Sunday 26 June 2016

Purple and Pink card

Hi friends, stopping by to share another
'Less is More' challenge card. The 
theme is 'Use a Stencil' this week.
See the usual ps. bit for a piglet story
For my second card I used my TCW 
stencil and pinched some paste my
OH had made. I mixed a bit of alcohol
ink with it and pasted it on the stencil.

I then used a few drops of  3 colours of
alcohol inks on top of the paste. When
 that was dry I sprayed some silver
 ink over it all.

I edged the topper with a silver pen,
then added a stamped sentiment and
 a few sequins. I stamped the butterfly,
gave that a quick silver spray too, then
gave it the same alcohol ink treatment
also. A tiny bit of sparkle was added
 later to the wings.

Phew job done!, I hope you like it,
 the colours are very bright irl ;)

ps. on our way to our usual walk this 
morning we came accross a tiny piglet
walking along the main road. So hard
 to catch the little thing, much squealing
We managed it in the end, after 
holding all the traffic up for a while.
We took it to a local farm we know
 (as no pigs around alas), they phoned
another farmer who was coming to get 

No idea how it had escaped etc.It went to
 sleep being cuddled, must have known we
 were vegetarians lol. It was put in a small
 dog cage waiting to be reunited with it's
 mummy. So a happy ending ;)
Stencil, LIM, CAS, Butterfly
Smooth white card
TCW stencil
Avery Elle butterfly stamp
My Favourite Things label maker
Homemade embossing paste
Adirondak alcohol inks
TH Distress spray ink Brushed Pewter
Versafine Onyx Black ink
Sequins from stash
Letraset Metallic marker Silver
Glamour dust



Esther said...

This is so pretty Viv, another stunner! Absolutely worth the effort as it looks amazing with the lovely colours and the silver and sparkle. Well done on your piglet rescue! My heart hurts I think how short his or her happy ending will be, but at least for today there was friendly hands to help out. Good for you xx

Susan said...

What a terrific card! Can't go wrong with that shimmer! Thanks for sharing at Less is More!

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

GORGEOUS effects you have made, love the silver in it, so VERY pretty.

I'm glad someone rescued what must have been one frightened piglet, and for him to go sleep being cuddled Aw!


Gerrina said...

So good that you caught the little piglet! That must have been a super adventure fot it! Love the way you let the colours come back in the butterfly! Again a beautiful grungy background! Hugs, Gerrina

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

So good to hear that the piglet had a safe trip home Viv!

Fabulous card :)

Love and hugs

Christine L said...

This is so gorgeous Viv...... I tried to follow your instructions but failed miserably!! I'd love to know more on how you did it and what a TCW stencil is! (ok I understand what a STENCIL is, just the TCW bit I'm struggling with!)

And well done you on saving that poor little piglet's life!!

Big hugs
Christine x

Viv said...

Thanks Christine.....I used some embossing type paste over the stencil (says TCW RP Ronda Palazzari Designs 6x6 stencil)...(it has 8 little stencils on it),removed stencil, then dropped a few colours of ink over it. I sprayed the silver over the rest of the card. I stamped the butterfly added ink and cut it out and added to card. I added a stamped sentiment and sequins and job done!HTH if not ask away ;) xx

Christine L said...

Thanks for that fab info Viv... soooooo... and sorry if I'm being thick.... is the stencil of hydrangeas?? That's what I see and they look wonderful... but I'm thinking that maybe that's not what the stencil is.. like one of those magic eye things though, once you 'see' something it's hard to unsee!! LOL! Anyway, whatever it is....... I really love it and NEED to try this technique! x

Chrissie said...

Sounds like quite a complicated process Viv, but the result is absolutely gorgeous!
Thanks again.
"Less is More"

Craft-E-Place said...

Fabulous vibrant card.

Kim Heggins said...

So those wonderful colors together.

Kathyk said...

Your card is just gorgeous


Canonbury creations said...

Stunning card Viv, texture is fab! Piglets? I take it drinking wasn't involved?!! :0)
Val x

Viv said...

The stencil is like a honeycomb shape with ragged edges. The ink effect I used probably confused you lol 😀 Viv xx

Viv said...

Thanks Val,yes no drinking lol it was in the morning and the piglet surprised us too �� Viv xx

Neets B said...

What a lovely effect, Viv. Love those rich colours you achieved.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Anita x
Less is More

Sazzle Dazzle said...

WOW! Another fantastic take on the challenge Viv, such wonderful depth of colour here an a brilliant technique. Thanks so much for playing along and sharing at Less is More this week. Sarah

Kate said...

Your card is so pretty!! I need to experiment more with my stencils. Thanks for including so many details.

And thank you for letting me know about your rescued pig story! I'm so glad you were able to catch him and make sure he was reunited with his mum. xox

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