Friday 14 March 2014

'Shades of Green' watercolour card

Hi friends/bloggers I have another quick card to show you today.
I saw a new challenge blog 'Virginia's View Challenge' 'Watercolour'
 and couldn't resist making a card for it.
Hope you like it too. 
Not a great week, we came home to find a burglar trying
 to break in our house....shock horror....more about that later.
Sorry about the peculiar text below. I fear changes I made to my
html code have made it most strange.I am trying to resolve it still!
Green, watercolour, card, flowers


                 I used some TH distress inks and  some new Stampendous
stamps. The sentiment is from the same set also.I finished it off
using a few dots of Liquid Pearls.
I have been buying YET more craft 'stuff', I hope to start
using it all very soon.
ps. As for our burglar, he only managed to smash a couple of
small  glass panels in our inner door.Our 5 lever BS lock helped,
he was never getting through that.
OH used to be in crime  prevention so takes security seriously. 
My fault I didn't lock the outer front sunlounge door as expecting
 post. Only away 20 mins too.
Outer door always locked now of course! OH chased him down the 
road shouting and swearing at him hoping someone might
 stop him.
He got away alas but a neighbour helped my OH find him and 
they and the police did get him in the end. He has previous and
says it wasn't him of course. Nothing will come of it no doubt
but at least he got a big shock when my OH ran after him.

Will let you know what happens anyway, the police have 
been so fantastic.Great quick response etc., we wrote a letter
thanking them all. They get enough criticism I think.


Gillian R said...

Your card is beautiful Viv. Sorry to hear about the attempted break in. How scary!

Lynne said...

Oh Good heavens Viv that must have been scarey. So pleased he didn`t get in though and good on your hubby for giving chase. Good for you to write to the police too, they do get such a lot of stick.
Your card is fabulous. Love the stamp and the inky background is lovely. I love the liquid pearls to finish too.
Lynne xxx

Viv said...

Lovely card as always Viv... Billy Burglar hopefully will not get away with just a caution - hope it's his third strike!!

Sue said...

Oh my goodness Viv, that must have been scary at the time. Thank goodness he was caught in the end and I hope he is found guilty.
Your card is gorgeous. I love the soft shades of green and beautiful design.
I hope you have a good weekend.
hugs Sue xx

Virginia L. said...

Gorgeous inking from the water-colors!! I love it so much, Viv! So sorry to hear that you had a burglary incident (I had one years ago and I also chased the thief off, but I didn't catch him though. Nothing was lost, just a broken door...LOL)!! The good thing is everyone is safe! Thanks so much for playing the first Virginia's View Challenge!

Deepti said...

So sorry to hear about the break in ... I sounds scary to me but I must say ur hubby is one hero in my eyes foe chasing him down :) Thankfully he was caught.
Your card as always is amazing :) love the water colors

Gerrina said...

Love your card!
As far as the burgerlar: if you think you can handle that person it is always good to act like your hubby did! And I think for sure that person got quite a shock that he was cought and handed over to the police! If it is enough to stop him? Maybe and that is good; every burgerlar that stops means a lot of people that woun't feel scared in their own house...
By my proffession I know what it means to work as a policeman, not that I am one, and a thank you letter makes up for a lot of the sad and brutal things they are experiencing by doing their job. They see people at their lowest point in life, their scarried moment or maybe there last moment... I have so much respect for all those woman and man!
Sorry for the long comment...
Hope you have a good weekend and still can enjoy all the little good things on your path, hugs, Gerrina

Jackie said...

Wonderful card Viv, and of course it's my favourite greens :o)
I am so pleased the would be burglar was caught Viv, and hope that Colin has recovered from his extra exercise...hugs
Jackie xx

Cathy said...

Sorry to hear about the burglar Viv, hopefully he'll get his comeuppence! Your card is beautiful, Cathy x

Rosemary said...

another absolutely stunning card, viv!! so sorry to hear that there was an attempted robbery at your house!

Darnell said...

Fabulous job on your LIM card in your later post, Vee! And this is another winner in my eyes! You seriously do the most beautiful cards!!

What a fright that must have been, not only to see someone breaking in, but then to see your mister taking off after him!! I'm glad to hear he was apprehended, but heaven's that kind of drama is too traumatic. Good for you for writing a kind letter of praise. As you said, they don't hear the praise part often enough. Have a great week! Hugs, Dee

Kylie said...

Gorgeous card - LOVE those greens!!

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