Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Another plaque a recipe & a snow pic

I made another little plaque for Charlie,
will update it every year with his age and
things he likes.I made it an A4 size,  then
printed various words in different fonts &
got a cheap frame and then painted it silver.
Also some yummy oat biscuits I can't stop
making now too. They are really nice &
chewy, although they seem to turn out
differently every time I make them now lol.
Still thought I would share the recipe as
they ARE scrummy !
Here is a pic of the snow we got the other
day, taken in our local churchyard , we got
about 4".Hope you like :O)

                                                           Oat biscuits

    ( Makes 24)

150 g Porridge oats
150 g SR Flour
150 g Caster sugar
150 g Butter
2 tbsp Golden syrup
2 tbs milk

Heat butter, syrup & milk in a saucepan until melted.
Pour into bowl containing the oats etc. & mix. Roll
heaped tsp into balls onto a tray lined with baking
paper. Space well apart. Bake at 180 C or 160 C for
fan ovens for 10- 12 mins. They should look just golden
brown so keep checking them. Leave on tray to cool for
5 mins.,( that hardens them up a bit) then transfer to rack.
ps. Just to add these should be flat, biscuity and and
chewy , if they turn out too 'cake' like use more syrup,
that's the key I have found now . Just made more today
and they are so yummy hard to stop myself eating them
as soon as they come out of the oven lol.

                                                              Snow pic


Viv's Visuals said...

Could just eat one of them there biccies with me coffee!!!
Great plaque and a fab idea for keepsakes as Charlie grows up and look at the snow you have!! We got zilch here although 20 miles down the road there was about 4 inches of the stuff!

Vicky Hayes said...

Love the little plaque Viv and what a great idea to do one each year! Thanks for the oat bisk recipe - off to try that in a minute... Your snow photo is gorgeous! Vicky x

Valerie said...

Another wonderful keepsake idea Viv and those biscuits look yummy!
Val x

Christine L said...

Gorgeous plaque for Charlie hon... and fab snow pic!
Christine x

Jackie said...

What a great idea that plaque is. Love the biccies and a beautiful photograph. Sounds like you had a similar amount of snow to what we had here! :o)
Jackie xx

GoonerGirl said...

Loving the plaque and the snow photo and you have made me hungry now lol. Chris xx

Vee Ramsden said...

Love your plague, great idea Viv ...... and I am going to bake those biscuits, they have made me feel sooooooooo hungry
Vee xxx

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