Saturday, 30 April 2016

Turquoise Thanks card

Good evening friends, been busy with family
today but just popping in to show you my
'Less is More' card I quickly managed to
 make tonight.
It's  a lucky dip this week and we have to use

'Designer Paper in  a CAS style'

I found this piece of scrap paper, I think it's
some Pink Petticoat digi paper I printed out
 a while ago. Anyway this is what I came up
 with. Enjoy your weekend whatever you
 have planned.

ps. I made this mahoosive pie today for our
family gathering,I served it with various fancy salads
 and am pleased to say it went down a treat too.
 It's a Jamie Oliver recipe, link here if you fancy it.
However it did take me 3 1/2 hrs to make it
 so I don't think I will be doing it again anytime
soon lol !! I took a quick photo as they cut into it
to show you, it's called a picnic pie and would 
be ideal for that I think.

Two of our children also took a photo as they
 couldn't believe just how big it was......
about 9"x 6" !

Happy Birthday CAS

White Linen card
Turquoise Pink Petticoat digi paper
Mama Elephant Creative Color 'Rainwater'
My Favourite Things label maker stamp
Mama Elephant Thanks die cut
Neat and Tangled sequins

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A candle, a tray and lots of shabby chic!

Good afternoon friends, I trust all is well
with you today ? I am feeling much better
too btw. thank you for all the good wishes ;)
I have been busy doing lots of decoupage
 lately, thought you may want a look.
Not on a card but on wood! I seem to be
in a shabby chic mood lately too.

Anyway come and have a look.... I asked 
my lovely uber talented OH to make me a
 fat candle holder out of wood. He said he 
would make me a candle in wood too ;) heavy!!!

I decided to do some decoupage on them
 as you can see. Can you see a tray and a 
placemat/large coaster too...yep he made
those too!

What got me started were the cream table
and chairs we bought from our neighbour.
Then I needed chair cushions and a table
 cloth! I went with blue and spotty...yes
I know 'what no pink' you ask!!!

So I bought these ...all matching and
all from different sellers too...result!

Then I got these cushions to match for our sofa,
 I added the roses ones later after I did all the roses

Our sofa is blue hence the blue spottiness theme! 
My lovely OH kindly made me this tray and I
tried my first bit of decoupage....hmm don't look
too closely ;) Then I spied some tablemats/coasters
he had made and decided to...ahem... pinch them. I
 decoupaged those too!

Oops... I left my camera lens on the table!!!! 

Here is a closeup of the tray...not great...but a first attempt
....make allowances please ;)

Here are all the mats finished!......they had large letters 
on at first. My OH thought our grandchildren may like 
to play with them and learn their alphabet at the same
 time. Alas it was a lot of hard work so he gave up after
the first few letters. Anyway now they are reborn as
table mats...or large  coasters ;)

Here they are all together! These are in our large back
sunlounge btw. hence my OH making me a wooden
 candle instead of  me using a real one......the real
ones melt as it gets so hot in there in the Summer.

Right that is all for now, we got rid of our brown
 leather sofa and chair today to  a charity. We
are expecting our new  corner sofa tomorrow long last....9 weeks wait! So exciting!!
We are sitting on an old chair and my computer
 chair tonight in our lounge. Hope our new stuff
arrives tomorrow!!!!!

ps. A big welcome to my latest follower Miranda
 too. Welcome aboard and thanks for choosing me
 to follow :)

Another card soon.......and it's a shabby chic one
...and NOT CAS...shock horror !!!!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Dragon card

Hi playmates, how are you today? As it's
Saturday yet again I am back with another
'Less is More' card to share with you.
It's a recipe this week and......
'Saints, Dragons or Heroes'
Not an easy one I thought, but then I
decided to make a digi card for a 
change.Glad it came together quickly,
(see below for reasons). Just love this
 cute dragon, hope you like him too ;)
Anyway come and have a closer peek
 at my card, and enjoy your weekend 
whatever you have planned.
 I will include a quick pic of our new car 
too.The table you see in the background 
is where I take photographs of my cards
 btw. ;)
ps. Still not feeling that great, I have 
had a nasty virus I think. Anyway let's
 just say things got very violent at both ends
lol. Then I passed out for a while,
alarming my very concerned OH.
He said my breathing wasn't great either
to add to it. I don't do things by halves!
Anyway it was just for a day and I am
slowly recovering now ;)

Dragon, LIM, CAS, Green

Hope you can see the cute little worm(with wings lol) I added at the top of the wording ;)


White smooth card
Die-namics stitched die
Pink Gem Designs digi dragon
Computerized sentiment
I added a digi soft watercolour
 background (behind the words too but it 
is very pale)and  the top flowers
 and worm.
Glamour dust

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