Thursday, 27 January 2022

New little houses

Hi there, just dropping by with a few pics of some of the latest little houses made by my talented OH again. He has made quite a few to keep himself occupied during the Winter, if he can't get out to do the gardening  etc. or if he isn't doing some DIY.

Hope you like them, I asked him to make a few narrow tall houses and either white or grey so they match our lounge make over. I tend to move them around during the year. I like some for Summer...his beach huts he made mostly and other ones for the colder months.

Otherwise they all sit in our front sun lounge on shelves ;) If he makes more next year goodness knows what I will do with them though  he he!

In other news I was asked to make  a couple of rats (yes I know rats!!!), pics soon. I am also going to try to make some colourful felted collages....gulp!....well out of my comfort zone but I have already bought all the bits so.....

Enjoy your week/weekend whatever you have planned ;)....I am doing Chinese New Year crafts with two of  our grandchildren (they are half Taiwanese so I like to celebrate that). I am also making a coffee cake again too ...they will like that I am sure ;)

                                  He made some of the doors and windows open this time too ;)

                                     So many took a long time to make them.

                                                                      I love these!

                                                                         Side view

Just what I asked him for, here they are sitting on my shelf, the wall is  very light grey so they match really well I think.

                            Two more I asked him for, will use these in the Summer in our lounge.

                                                                          Side view

                                                 This is all for now, pics of rats soon warned lol !!!


I Card Everyone said...

How wonderful!! I'll bet it won't surprise you bit that I like the grey ones the most!

cuilliesocks said...

WOW!! these little houses are wonderful Viv, what a talented Hubby you have, I love his designs and the colours, Kate x

Rosemary said...

just like you, your hubby is so talented, viv. i always love seeing all the creative things that he makes.

Mac Mable said...

What a creative family and so unique and I love them x Thanks for sharing Viv x.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

OH! your hubby is so clever, with lots of patience, I love how you display them too Viv.
Faith x

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