Saturday 23 October 2021

Halloween party!

Hi crafty friends, as promised earlier I am sharing some of the Halloween pics I took at the party we held for our four grandchildren and family recently. Decided on a Halloween theme as the girls love dressing up. Happy to say we all had a great time, especially the littlies ;) I got into the spirit of things and wore a bat headband thing and bat earrings, once they all left I chatted to a neighbour I spotted outside.... quite forgetting I was still wearing it all....oh dear!

I went crazy decorating as usual lol and designed and printed out lots of quotes etc. I downloaded some kids Halloween music and they had a lovely time listening to it all (very loudly) as they played in the play room here. They also ran around the garden looking for clues to the two treasure hunts, so got some fresh air also....and the odd treat of course. We even had a scary story where they had to shout out Halloween with every reference to Halloween in the story, they was soo loud they almost deafened me at first go lol!!!...but it seemed like a good idea at the time....what can I say!

Think they were exhausted at the end with all the games etc. ...well I certainly was anyway! they all got treat bags which went down very well too. I did a (soft toy) rescue dog hunt and a rescue puppy hunt later...well.....I found the cutest dogs and tiny puppies so had to do a hunt for them. I know they are so spoiled  by me with all this stuff...but they are growing each year and I know time to do these things are limited now..... plus I love it of course ;) The parents said they all had a relaxing day too so that was good ;)

I took a day to decorate, a day to do all the cooking and on the day decorated the large three tier cake. Yikes I was so nervous doing the cake at the last minute, but I had nothing to store the cake in when decorated as it was so high (sigh)! 

I made it a chocolate orange one with two tiers of chocolate flavour sponge and one tier or orange flavour sponge, choc cream between layers. The spiders were made using orange truffles and orange choc sticks. It was a real hit luckily and tasted really good too. All edible btw. apart from the bats!

Okay enough chatting by me,  come and see what I did below......(whilst imagining the Adams Family theme playing while looking (so love that song now.......and of course enjoy your day whatever you have planned ;)

The Cake

Cecile the spider and you can just see some of the scary mice (rats..I printed and cut out about30) I made at the bottom. I filled that large pumpkin later adding some slices of green pepper (for spider legs) with some home made parmesan and artichoke dip in it.

I added lots of dangling (flying) bats here too

Once they turned around and saw this sign in the bathroom they had been 'booed' so got the signs to wear below ;)

They went on to 'boo' all their parents too which I found so funny.

Lots of spider webs and spiders everywhere

I hung this on the front door

One for the kitchen, sorry bit blurry!

Pumpkins......well er tangerines really

Witches broomsticks and eyes on a log

The two witches and giant toy dog they all love called 'Scruffy'.

Break for a quick sandwich

It was lovely to hear them all chatting about stuff, they started telling jokes too. They asked me if I had any lol, I said I did but couldn't remember the start of it. So they said tell us the punch line and we will guess. It seemed so funny that I couldn't even get that right either, (had main meal half cooked by then so my mind was on other stuff) don't know who laughed more me or them!


cuilliesocks said...

What a wonderful post Viv, and what an amount of work to decorate your home, it's just fabulous. Love that cake, and the wee ones look as it they are having a brilliant time. Thanks for sharing your photos, Kate x

I Card Everyone said...

Viv!! How fun - I'm not sure who had more fun - YOU or the KIDS??
By the way - my husband wants to know what BAT-ter you used for that faBOOlous cake!! Yes, he did laugh more!!

Rosemary said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time, Viv! The cake looked so yummy! I love seeing the photos of the grands as I remember when all of them were born! Time sure does fly, doesn't it?!

Mac Mable said...

I so enjoyed reading your post Viv. Fun all the way for the kiddos and the adults. You are quite right to make a fuss now, when you can, as they do grow up quickly. The cake is amazing and well done you on making such an effort, which was so worth it x. Thanks for sharing Viv x.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

What a wonderful Grandmother you are Viv, what an amazing theme and details, I'm sure they will always remember these days you put together and will talk about them in their old age. Fabulous. Well done you.
Faith x

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