Sunday 7 February 2021

Mouse houses and some cute mice

Hi there friends, today I am sharing my latest hobby ......felting....mostly mice atm. as I seem obsessed by them lol. My clever OH even made me some mouse houses and he is making me more little mouse houses and other stuff now also.

Here are the first few mice I made....well I did attempt a couple more earlier but they looked more like mole rats I didn't finish them. I am still learning about which wool and which needles to use yet so please be kind ;)

I will be back to share more mice I have made very soon ;) They seem to be taking over the whole house now....oh if I needed yet another hobby...and supplies!!! wool, felt, needles...more wool...more wool for knitting clothes for them...what have I started !

Thanks for the visit and enjoy your day whatever you have planned ;)

Update! since I wrote this I have now made yet more mice and I think I am improving at last......thank heavens!!! More pics of the little mice soon ;)

Here the first two mice I made, meet Monty and Minnie! The whiskers were made from horse hair kindly donated from  our daughter's horse ;) I knitted the little jumper and felted the scarf.

This was my next effort, little Mickey and he is following Ickle mouse here...up to no good no doubt! I made the little backpack and my OH made me the ladder.

Meet Mo and Matilda lol !

This is Marty, he looks more sloth like..not sure I will be keeping him lol!

Here they are all together........hmm not great now I look at them and having made more. Still I just wanted a record of when I first started so posting them anyway.....cringe cringe!

Here are some sweet mouse houses below made my talented OH, I  just love them ;)


Rosemary said...

your little mice are so sweet, viv! don't be too hard on yourself... we all have to start somewhere, right? can't wait to see more of your handiwork!

Lynne said...

Oh Viv your mice are really cute.One good thing about lockdown, we can play at our hobbies without feeling guilty.
Lynne x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Well I love your meeces with all their lovely details and their adorable and colourful houses.
Faith x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Viv, your little mouses are adorable, so well made and your Hubby's little houses are wonderful,a very crafty, talented household, Kate x

Mac Mable said...

Your little mice family are adorable and made with love x. DH has done a marvellous job on their new little homes. Another hobby to collect and spend on.....Yay!!!!....Lol x.

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