Saturday 4 April 2020

Little Houses

Hi there friends, just realised I forgot to post my hubbies's latest little houses. I wanted him to make me some and paint them in Spring/Summer colours as he has made a few for Winter and Autumn last year (photo's at the bottom in case you missed them earlier).
I just adore them and switch them around with the seasons now, along with similar coloured flowers, cushion covers and paintings we have in the house. We like quite plain colours for floors/walls/curtains so I like to inject a bit of colour for each season with accessories ;)
He also made this sweet fairy/mushroom house, I was going to learn to felt little mice so they could peep out of the windows but he wasn't keen on the idea lol. Plus I am still getting my head around learning to felt!!

His latest project is a gorgeous little cottage, he is still painting it as yet, taken him ages to complete this one. He takes his time adding all the small details which make such a difference. The tiny windows he carves takes the longest he says.

He gets his inspiration from other smaller models mostly but likes to add his own details and colours. Anyway come and take a peek at his latest projects. Back with his new cottage too once it's finished ....I love it already ;)

Back later today with my latest Flower Challenge card too, see you then ;) Look after yourselves and stay safe!!

Spring/Summer cottages

Fairy/Mushroom house

Winter houses 
( sorry this is my Autumn painting behind it here)

Autumn houses 


Lynne said...

Wow Viv they're stunning. What a clever, arty couple you are. I bet neither of you get bored with this lockdown x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

The detailing on these house and the mushroom is amazing, gorgeous houses, love the brightly coloured houses. Well done hubby.
Keep safe and well
Faith x

cuilliesocks said...

OMGosh Viv!, what a talent your hubby has, his little houses are gorgeous, such detail and the mushroom house is adorable. A lovely idea to ring the seasonal changes in your home decor, Kate x

Gerrina said...

Gosh so many and so different all! What a great way to be creative for him... Hugs, Gerrina

Mac Mable said...

How creative and unique and I love how you change them around according to the season x. The attention to detail on the houses/church is amazing and you must be super proud of DH? x The mushroom creation is fun too x.

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