Wednesday 27 November 2019

More little houses etc.

Hi there friends, I am back with more things made by my talented OH again. I asked him to make me some little Winter houses last year to fit on my shelf in our lounge.

He made me a  few lovely little houses...(pics in an earlier post) ;) then I asked him to make me some beach huts to go with my Summer look. I like to change small things in there every season, like cushion covers, matching flowers and a large painting.

Yes I do sound a bit mad I know lol, but I have a few I can switch around now and I love how different it makes it all look. We have a dark wood like LVT floor (see earlier pics of new floor) a brown cognac coloured corner leather suite and cream curtains and rugs so it's easy to change the look with accessories.

Anyway now it's Autumn I asked him to make me some Autumn little houses. I have my Autumn cushions, flower arrangement and  Autumn large picture up now of course lol. He made me these sweet little houses and a church and they look so lovely. I have even added little lights inside them so they can be lit up at night 'squeals' ;)

So I am sharing some pics of them here, he also made a kind of manor house too. Our old bird table has seen better days so he made a new one, I love it. Although some annoying bird has since pecked out the little window panes in the middle of them now......I said maybe it was thinking of moving in and thought the window was the entrance lol.

I am sharing a pic of one of my lanterns too, I have added candles for now but dying to try a Christmas arrangement there soon. I am quite obsessed with these lanterns now lol and have a few around the house. My OH dreads seeing yet another I think, little does he know I have two more in my craft room waiting to be deployed he he shhh!

My new obsession may well be  Apothecary jars, I adore them and am trying to source some as we speak. I want some in my new kitchen and will fill them with seasonal things too he he shhh... don't tell!

Ok see below for more 'stuff'...and enjoy your day/week whatever you have planned ;)

 All lit up
 sorry pic not great....light issues... but you get the idea
......and please ignore the mess in the background as we were
 still sorting it all here after having the floor done ;)

Manor house

Bird Table
 Apothecary jars
  Not mine but you can see why I want need some ;)


Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

The houses are absolutely magical!

cuilliesocks said...

What a visual delight Viv, and what a talented husband you have, is little houses are adorable, beautifully lit up too. Your lantern is beautiful and I love the bird house, lovely post, Kate x x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

OMG! These are just stunning, hubby is very talented, ask and he makes, that is just fabulous. (I have one too LOL). I love the houses, the Manor house and the bird table is AWESOME. Beautiful apothecary jars too.
Faith x

Rosemary said...

the little houses are so cute, viv! your hubby is so very talented!!

Vicky Hayes said...

WOW! You are married to a very talented man Viv - what a couple you make! I absolutely love the little houses and the amazing bird table. You are not alone in changing cushion covers, pictures etc in the different seasons, and I don't think it's mad at all! Just off to get the red velvet covers out for Christmas LOL! Vicky x

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