Saturday 14 September 2013

Baby Elephant Get well card

Good afternoon friends/bloggers a rather wet day here grrr.
As it's Saturday once more I have another 'Less is More'
card to show you today.
 It's one layer card week again, and the theme this
 time is.......................
Get Well Soon
Not quite as terrified making a one layer card these days
 thank heavens. Thanks C&J for quite an easy theme this
week also !
Here is what I came up with, grab a hot drink & come
 and take a closer look :)
 I will try and leave my ramblings to the end of the post now 
as  I know lots of you just want to see the card !!!!
 I am the same when short on time, but I do like to read what
 you all have to say when I have more time !...oops
 rambling here sorry!.....there are photo's too to see :)
PP 'baby elephant' ( old image) ,chalking/Promarkers and 
computerized  sentiment. I used a touch of glamour dust 
as always too.
 I have made another card but it's being 'flattened'
 atm. due to inking and warping lol....I got covered 
in ink making that one too. I will show it soon.
ps. Got new glasses at last! I went for varifocals this time.
Lots of squinting and close up peering when I go to the 
supermarker as I hate having to keep looking for my
 reading  glasses lol.
 I think hearing " For goodness sake  ( or other similar words)
 mother put your glasses on" from my children and OH made
 me realise I should be wearing  them full time lol.
 I am  pleased to report I just love them, & took to them straight
 away. I know you either love them or hate them when you
 try them at first. I chose blue ones to go with my eyes, just a rim 
at the top and clear at the bottom. Ahem and no you aren't going
 to see a pic of me with them on !
Although now I can see even more things which need
 cleaning in the house and can see DIY bits which still need
 doing too.....oh dear.
OH says a divorce might be pending now I can see
 more so made me laugh that....who is he kidding !
Our daughter has been at the Goodwood revival with
friends and as usual  ( they are always dressing up in  strange
 outfits when they get a chance) they got dressed up fifties style.
Here are a few pics of what she looked like. I made a couple into 
digi pages ( can't stop making digi stuff now either !) so will
 include those too. Notice the errrr PINK phone who do you think she takes after lol.
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Chrissie said...

What a beautiful daughter and a beautiful card!
I'd love to see a pic of you in the varifocals... I love them and have worn them for years... I got so fed up of not being able to see the prices of things on price tags!
What font did you use on your card?... it's fab.

Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Viv said...

Thanks Chrissie......the font I used was 'I love what you do'....I am a font collector...there should be a 'font collector's anonymous' lol :)

Margaret said...

Such a cute card Viv. Good luck with the new glasses (and the extra cleaning!!)
Margaret x

Sue said...

Gorgeous card Viv, I love the cute image and fabulous CAS design.
Glad you are getting on well with your new glasses.
Your daughter looks beautiful and the photos are fabulous. Goodwood is just up the road from me, I have never been to the revival but I know it's very popular and not a good idea to go near Chichester on the days it is on as the roads are so busy
hugs Sue xx

Vicki Dutcher said...

Adorable card! Your digi cards are very pretty too!

Viv said...

Great card!
Daughter takes after Mum I think!! Lovely!xx

Canonbury creations said...

Such a cute image Viv, love the pink heart behind! We definitely need to see you in your new glasses but if they are causing more housework, take them off! Love all the photos:)
Val x

Glenda Atkins said...

Oh your daughter definitely takes after her Mother, she is quite beautiful! Love the card and love the digital pages, ! Glad you have taken to your glasses:O)!

Jackie said...

Perfect card, stunning pages and lovely photographs Viv :o)
Jackie xx

Beccy said...

Wonderful card Viv, that little elephant is so cute!
Your daughter looks beautiful in her 50's inspired costume... I LOVE her hair! I bet she had a great time with her friends.

Rosemary said...

your card is absolutely adorable, viv!! fun pictures of your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Great card Viv!He is sooo cute :)
Lovely pictures of your daughter (who really looks the part!)
Have a lovely day,Nessa xx

Gerrina said...

What a cute card! love the font and the little ´fant more! Great you don´t hate your glasses, I am lucky(?) enough to just need reading glasses at the end of the day. Great pics of your daughter! Sorry that I didn´t pop over sooner, but I´m getting organised after a hectic weekend... Inky greetings, Gerrina

Deepti said...

Love the cute elephant card and the way u digitized all the images :) Also, glad to know you finally got ur glasses :)

Jan said...

Great card and your Daughter looks lovely xx Jan

Chrissie said...

Thanks for the info Viv, I love fonts too! I spend ages deciding which ones to use for which project!
Chrissie x

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