Thursday 15 August 2013

'Enchanting' silk jewellery set

Hi everyone, another quick post  again. Today I have some more 
silk ribbon jewellery to show you.
 In shades of blue this time, as always the ribbon is handmade
 pure silk and hand dyed also. These will be added to my
 jewellery website shortly, ( click on daisy in side-bar).
 Hope you like them :)
ps. I have been so busy lately,so sorry for the lack of commenting !
normal service will be resumed from today I hope. So many card ideas
buzzing around my head too and no time to make 'stuff' arghhh ! I made 
the jewellery a while ago in case you were wondering lol.
These are like a denim blue colour btw.


Stamps and Paper said...

Beautiful jewellery Viv just love the are a talented lady


Deepti said...

This is so beautiful :) love it :) and I do miss ur cards, waiting for more card posts from you :)

Gerrina said...

They are beautiful! hope you can ware them at a special occasion? My sister has been making jewelry for a while and I think it isn´t that easy... Inky greeting, Gerrina

Sue said...

Absolutely stunning Viv, I love the beautiful shades of blue
hugs Sue xx

Glenda Atkins said...

Beautiful set Viv and I adore those earrings!

Jackie said...

More of your gorgeous jewellery Viv. Thank you for all those lovely comments, it must have taken you ages :o)
Jackie xx

Christine L said...

Stunning pieces Viv... love that shade of blue... hope these go well on your website!

Christine x

Sasha said...

Beautiful pieces of jewellery, are a lady of many talents x

Viv said...

Awww thankyou Sasha, how kind :) xx

Viv said...

Thanks Christine, I think my daughter has her on eye on these now lol :) xx

Viv said...

I hope to sell them Gerrina...unless my daughter 'aquires' them that is lol :) xx

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