Sunday 13 May 2012

Just peeking card

Here is another card for the 'Less is More' challenge again.
It's  week 67 and one layer card week ( oh my!) and we have to...
                              USE THREE STAMPS
I used a BOBEA digi image which happens to have three stamps
in the set. I made a distressed ink ( Antique Linen) panel using
 masks to cover the images. I also embossed a couple of lines
 either side of the inked panel too.I then coloured the  animals
using Copics/Promarkers.I love the cute expressions on these little
Today I did something a bit silly.....well a LOT silly !!! I managed
 to lose £50!!! I withdrew it from a cash machine outside
 Waitrose then went inside shopping. I realised I didn't have the
 money when I came to pay ( luckily I still had enough cash in
 my pocket).So I either left it in the cash machine( horror of
 horrors) or I lost it once inside the shop.The shop haven't found
 it and it wasn't in the machine when I looked shortly afterwards.
 My OH said it probably went to someone who really NEEDED
 it today. I hope that's the case too, really feel so stupid now. I
 have my brother on my mind today as he finds out tomorrow if
he can have the op he needs or if he is just too unwell ( because of his
breathing) to have it.We already know he is at high risk even if does
 have it....but he may have no choice really.
That's why my mind was elsewhere I think....either that or I am
really losing my mind!!!
ps. Updated to add I DID get my money back ! I left it in the cash
 machine and some kind lady ( angel) handed it in  to the shop nearby :)


Doreen said...

A gorgeous card,love the

Chrissie said...

If you didn't take the money, the ATM may have swallowed it again, that happened to me once when I couldn't see where the slot was that the money should have emerged from, I spotted it just in time to see the money disappearing!
I would ask the bank if that's what happened. Let's hope so!
This card is fab... I have so much admiration for people who can manipulate digi images!!
Thanks again.
"Less is More"

Andrea said...

so cute

Canonbury creations said...

Another lovely card Viv, love these images they are so cute!
Perhaps someone saw you at the ATM, followed you and took it from your pocket. Hopefully it was someone in need. I hope the news is positive tomorrow Viv, what a worry for you all.
Sending you hugs
Val xx

Stamps and Paper said...

Lovely card Viv sweet images...Oh dear so sorry to hear about your money...hope the new about your brother tomorrow is positive...


Viv said...

Thanks Chrissie yes I realised that when a friend told me so I have asked the bank now.Viv xx

Lynne said...

Worry does make us lose concentration, I hope you get your money back Viv but even more I hope the news is positive for your brother.
Your card is fabulous, as always.
Lynne xxx

Wendy Fraser said...

Such stunning cards since my last visit, you really are the Queen of CAS!! xx

Loli said...

Hola viv, very hard days, the money is VERY IMPORTANT, but i think in this moment the most important in your mind is your brother, i hope good news tomorrow.
gorgeous and sweet card, well done! as always Viv.
A warm hug from Palma and you and your family are in my prayers.

Jackie said...

Oh dear Viv, distressing but understandable that your mind was on your brother. I have everything crossed that he hears the result he wants to hear today...hugs
Stunning card Viv, you really have mastered the art of the less is more card :o)
Jackie xx


Oh Viv - your thoughts must have been elsewhere, and I'm not surprised. I hope your Brother's results are good ones.

Love your card by the way - the images are fabulous.
Hugs, Sylvia xx

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

VIv I know how you feel, my 3rd brother has been very ill for months and I worry about him too, with so much on your mind it's no wonder you don't know what you are doing.

However, worry or no you still create the most wonderful cards, I'm sorry I haven't time to comment on each, but I have caught up with them ALL> :)
Take care hope things get better soon

Mandi said...

I've admired this bo images for ages, but, never bought them as Im such a rubbish colourer!
This is truly FAB
Terrific card
Thank you very much
"Less is More"

Glenda Atkins said...

Hope you get good news about your brother, yes this would be very distracting. Don't knock yourself out about it, it can happen and does to just about all of us, with me I have left my card in the machine!Had to have it cancelled and get a new one. It can happen.

Your card is so beautiful and classy looking, humorous too, and that my friend is a very good combination!

Marijke said...

a gorgeous card with great images

Deanna said...

Great card and images used!

Unknown said...

Well Viv - I do hope that someone in need ended up with your money - wish them luck and then let it go! My thoughts are with your brother - I do hope the results are what you all wish for.

Love the car but how do you find the imagination to keep going with all that's going on? I have everything crossed for the family.

Vicky Hayes said...

Your card is so clever Viv - I love the window effect. So sorry to hear you lost the money - isn't it frustrating when something like happens? Do contact the bank and see if they can help. I do feel for you Viv, you have so much on your mind at the moment. Do take care. Hugs, Vicky x

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