Monday 19 March 2012

Handmade flowers & a tutorial

Hi everyone, it's a lovely sunny Spring like day here today.
I hope you are all having good weather too !
I made these little handmade flowers the other day when
our electricity was off due to our new gas boiler being fitted.
So lovely to have hot water and heating again now. Anyway
it was something to do while I couldn't be on my computer.
I made a few in  different colours, mainly using distress inks
to colour them. You may see them in weeks to come
 appearing on my cards now :)
 Here is a little tutorial on how to make them  as I thought
 you may want to have a go yourself. They are quite fiddly but
 quite easy to make really,maybe you already know how to
 make them ?? I have seen a lot of tutorials on the web, but
 this is just a handy reminder in case you haven't seen any.
I did get rather covered in glue and distress ink after making
 them, so we warned is a tad messy !!!!!
After making a few, I quite liked the sepia coloured ones best
so made more of those as you can see. The last flower was made
just using a five petal flower punch , shading with distress inks
 and then scrunching & adding a few stamens...not sure about
that one !
In the tutorial I first cut a strip of thinnish card, then used my
 fancy scissors on the edge of one side. I made little cuts along
 the top. I then curled the small cut ends & used distress ink
 along the edge and  the curled bits.I used some tacky glue to
stick the flower as I rolled it up and pulled back some of the petals.
I shaped it a bit and played about with it until I was happy with it. I
used more glue on the edges and sprinkled glamour dust on top of that.
I think they will look a lot better on cards...they do look better irl too :)

ps. Can you see my two cutie pie grandsons at the top here :) Charlie's
first smile caught on camera and  an updated one of my latest grandson
 Alex too! I got my first pressie off Charlie too on Sunday, a mug with
monkeys on & "to my Granny from your little monkey"......don't they just
melt your heart :)

Sorry this is blurred, just couldn't get a sharp pic of it after MANY tries argghhh!!!


Doreen said...

These are fabulous Viv thanks for the tut.
Gorgeous baby pics,so

Bevie Pearl said...

What a great idea for making flowers. I will have to try it. Thanks

Canonbury creations said...

Fabulous flowers Viv, I'm going to have a go at these:) Love the way you have staged them for the photograph.
I thought your Charlie looked a cheeky monkey! We went down to see Charlie yesterday and I got presents and a card from him thanking me for looking after his parents after he was born:)We had done a big shop for them so they didn't have to go out except for a walk!
Val x

Glenda Atkins said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial, you flowers are awesome!

Vicky Hayes said...

These are lovely flowers and I'll look forward to seeing them appearing on your creations. Your grandsons are a pair of cuties and Charlie's smile would melt the hardest heart! Vicky x

Jackie said...

They are all gorgeous Viv, thank you for the tutorial :o)
Jackie xx

Christine L said...

These flowers are gorgeous Viv, and your tutorial is fab! Thanks for sharing...

And your little grandsons are just perfect!

Christine x

Unknown said...

Fab tutorial Viv, will definitely give it a whirl.......... I could eat those babies!


Nancy said...

I love making flowers, so must try this one :)
Your GKids are so precious :)

Beccy said...

Fantastic tutorial Viv, thank you! The flowers are wonderful and will look awesome on a project.

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