Thursday 14 July 2011

More holiday pics ( Eden project).

Here are some pics taken at the Eden project.Hope you like them, we got so hot in the tropical dome,
sweat was running down my face when I left. Looks of alarm from people entering I can tell you lol.
Handy tip ( take lots of water & dress lightly).There is a lovely waterfall halfway  round with a welcoming cold breeze though. Also there is place selling really cold water when you get out, I bet they make a fortune!!On a positive note it seemed to seep into my bones  & do my Arthritis good for days.My OH said we must get a sauna installed when we move house......result :O)

The domes, one is very hot and one is warmish, does vary a bit though, been twice & the heat does vary each time.

This bee was absolutely massive,not real of course!
Large balloon used to prune up high in one of the domes.
This was used for cooking in an (African??) village.
Some of the beautiful flowers.
A pond in the middle of the dome.
Rare and very stinky plant, luckily it had closed !
Bananas growing & ready to harvest.
Pineapples, lots of them, the plant leaves looked like a spider plant!
Another pretty specimen.
Food from all over the world.
So pretty had to take a pic.
Bouganvillia above.
Horse made from driftwood (?).
Really strange flowers.
It was so HOT in this dome, my camera steamed up all the time as you can see here.

More pretty flowers.


Vicky Hayes said...

Wow Viv! I've just been looking at your holiday pics and it looks absolutely gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great time and I love the photo of your son and his girlfriend! These Eden Project pics are fab too - can't believe I've never been there! Vx

Canonbury creations said...

Lovely pics Viv but the dome seems as if it's not suitable for ladies of a certain age:)
Val x

Jackie said...

Beautiful photographs Viv and those on your previous post :o)
Jackie xx

GinaA said...

That Bee really gave me a fright the first time I saw it, somehow it had been hidden from view until we were really close, like you say it is massive. The last time we went to the Eden Project it was Christmas / New Year and we went on the evening to see it the candle procession. Fabulous time to go, nice and warm inside as well!

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