Friday 15 July 2011

Lost gardens of Heligan pics

Here are a few pics from my visit to the lost gardens recently.
Such a large place to walk around,  handy tip (take comfy
shoes you will walk a long way and some uphill parts too.
They give you a little compass and a map , great idea for
the children I thought  !

Large exotic looking plant.

The sleeping lady, made from natural materials and she even had grass hair.  

Tree ferns, so many different types too.


Vicky Hayes said...

Thank you so much for sharing your photos Viv, they're gorgeous. Vx

Jackie said...

Wonderful pics Viv, maybe one day I will get to see these gorgeous gardens :o)
Jackie xx

GinaA said...

Hi Viv, see you have been down to my favourite part of the UK. I have a very similar set of photo's. Great place to visit.

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