Monday, 18 April 2011


Here are some photo's of the lovely Tulips we have growing 
in the fields nearby atm., aren't they just breathtaking! I had
to climb a large gate to get near them to take these pics, not
easy for me these days lol, but I just had to share them with
you all.
ps.  As I was taking these pics I saw a family ( with cute
baby in tow) of Dutch people ( I think) posing in between
the tulips for a professional photographer .Very apt as they
were Dutch I thought lol.

 Such a vibrant red colour!

 A frenzy of colour here!

The field was huge!


  1. Wow these are fabulous photo`s Viv. I think a few slipped into your handbag by the looks of the last photo LOL fed the fish for you..Chris xx

  2. He he Chrissie, I was tempted by the pink ones as you can imagine .....but I resisted the urge!!!thanks for feeding the fish again too:O) Viv xx

  3. How gorgeous!! I'd pay to go and see these, lol! xx

  4. Wow! Just amazing! I used to love visiting Norfolk Lavender too - the smell was fabulous!

  5. Brilliant photographs Viv, I haven't been to the tulip fields for many years :o)
    Jackie xx

  6. These are fantastic photos! You really are a flower lover! Ruth :)


Thankyou so much for leaving a comment, everyone much appreciated :) Viv xx

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