Friday 3 December 2021

More mice!

Hi there friends, I hope you are well and keeping warm if you are in the UK, so chilly just now. I am here to share a few more pics of my little felted mice again today.

I was asked by my DIL to make a few with green hair if possible. She works for the Red Balloon  charity and wanted them for some of the children there. I made 5 in the end and made them all punk type mice with coloured hair as they were for young people.

Happy to say they all loved them and I am sure they will be well loved now too ;) I gave most of them a red balloon as a nod to the charity.....except one who had a heart instead....I forgot to add the balloon for Ella but I did add one after taking the pic ;)

It's strange how they all seem to take on a certain personality as I make them! Oh and just to add I think they all got called Barry in the end ...Barry1, Barry 2 etc.....who cares as long as they are loved!

Anyway here they are , hope they give you a little smile today too ;)






Pic of them all together


Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

These are amazing Viv, beautiful work and characters.
Faith x

Mac Mable said...

How thoughtful Viv....All are unique, creative and such fun.....Well done you my friend x.

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