Sunday, 18 January 2015

Bloom digi page.

Hi playmates! just popping in to say I have my new
'puter now. No cards to show you atm. as I just
realised I need my editing programme to finish my
 cards before I can post them.
I have quite  an old version of PSP so have treated 
myself to the latest version.Just waiting for it
 to arrive now. I also need a larger EHD it seems too.
Such a rush, my head is still spinning!! ........I also
 need a new oven and pocket camera too lol.
My OH and my son decided I needed a new
  For some reason my OH thought I would
 take some persuading.I ordered one next day 
(no I don't hang about do I lol).  
It arrived  the very next day (amazing service eh!),
 it's a DEL btw. As we were looking after our 
grandson overnight, ( first went very well,
 I want to keep him  now lol).
 Our son and DIL arrived to collect
 him next day. As he is my main computer expert,
he decided to install my new 'puter there and then.
Much panic ensued by me of course. Things 
were happening so quickly !!! He has set up
my new 'puter and new keyboard side by side
 with my old one and old keyboard.
So after moving some vital stuff, he has left me to
sort the rest.......GULP!!!You would laugh if you
 could see me now. I have two keyboards and two
 mice here as I type lol.
 I had to reinstall printer  drivers when the printer
 was playing up. I am still getting to grips with 
Windows 8. I am very confused about everything
 I do atm. I also feel about 106 ! 
It made me laugh when my son tried to explain
stuff to me. I know I looked just like my elderly
 neighbour when I try and explain things to her.
She gets a kind of glazed over expression.......
I had that too dear friends! Anyway I am just
 about coping, I was here at 4.30 am. as I couldn't 
sleep last night lol.
As I couldn't show you my LIM card/s (I will 
when I can edit them). I am showing you a digi
 page  I made instead. I did manage to reinstall
my CAP programme.
 Not without difficulty though ! I had no kits there
 etc, and much panic ensued. I found the place
to enter a new location for CAP to find my old
 stuff though.
 Phew! Sure I have aged overnight!
Sorry for all the waffling AGAIN !!! normal service
 will be resumed very soon....... I am hoping. 
Also sorry I was late leaving comments last week too.
What with 3 lots of babysitting and a new 'puter,
life took over!
Anyway here is a quick digi page I made to
 calm myself down lol. On a more positive note, I
now have almost nothing on my desktop:)
Before it was getting almost full....I know I know!!!
If you are still with me,come and have a closer look,
 it's my grandson  Charlie. I took this photo at Xmas and
 loved it in B&W, hope you like it too ;)


Sue said...

My goodness! It sounds like you have been very busy Viv, it all sounds a bit confusing to me!
Your layout is stunning, such a beautiful photo and gorgeous detailing too.
hugs Sue xx

Jackie said...

I love your waffling Viv, so carry on waffling LOL.
What a gorgeous digi page, I can't believe how much Charlie has grown!!! :o)
Jackie xx

Cathy said...

Well done so far with your new pc Viv! Hubby got a new laptop a while ago and its Windows 8, I use 7 so gets a bit tricky when I need to use his lol! Your scrapbook page is gorgeous too, Cathy x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Your Scrapbook page is STUNNING, you certainly know how to do digi, gorgeous colours in it too.

I can see you now LOL. SIL had trouble getting to grips with Windows 8, I've not gone there yet, so look out for help if I ever do LOL.

Canonbury creations said...

Loved reading your post Viv it sounds like my house when the men all talk tech speak!! If anything goes wrong with my 'puter they all assume i've done something silly:) Love Charlie's digi page, great digi kit!
Val x

Kerryxx said...

Beautiful page Viv x

Kim Heggins said...

So so beautiful...

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