Monday 13 October 2014

Tee shirts

Not a card today but some tee shirts I designed for
 my OH.
 If you read my earlier post about them you 
will remember how  he tried to find some with
 nice colours/design and no writing on.
 He tried and failed so I decided to design my own
 for him. He really didn't like any with writing on, esp. 
advertizing a product or place or American wording.

"Why do they all have American wording on " 
he kept repeating. Hmm do ones in America have
British place names/images on I am wondering?
Oh and he also requested that they didn't have
 an outline ( rectangular) so I used a mask and went
 for a  watercolour type look. 
He picked three designs, but I loved another one
 so added that later as a surprise.
He liked mine best too yeaaaaah! It's the last 
blue one if you were wondering ;)

Anyway I designed them ,had the printed off and
here they are. He was very pleased I am glad to say.
I am designing one with bright butterflies on now lol,
a request by  my OH...oh my what have I started !
Forgive all the creases, I just took photo's as soon
 as I got them out of the packets I'm afraid !!

Wild flower meadow on pale gold

Birds and sky on Lilac

Birds and fields on Pistachio

 Beach scene and fish on pale blue


Sue said...

WOW! You are so clever Viv, these look fabulous.
Looking forward to seeing the next one with butterflies on!
hugs Sue xx

Rosemary said...

wow... that is one fabulous set of t-shirts you created for your hubby! I would wear anyone of them!

~@ngie~ said...

great T-shirts darl.... ya very talented :)

love n hugz Angie xXx

Jackie said...

Superb set of tee shirts Viv, who's a clever girl then!
You could probably sell them :o)
Jackie xx

Canonbury creations said...

Fabulous t-shirts Viv you should go into production! I take it you designed them on CA? Love the little birds :-)
Val x

Ksenija @Sweet Kobylkin said...

Viv, all of them are so beautiful, I loved Flower Meadow and Birds & Fields! Which one was a surprise that you added yourself?

Deepti said...

These are so incredible :) Love them all

Gerrina said...

So great that your hobby provides him with these great shirts! I can understand what he means by not finding shirts in the shops... Enjoy your new/extended hobby! Hugs, Gerrina

Viv said...

Thanks Ksenija.........the last blue one ;)

Viv said...

Thanks Val, I would have to use my own images though as most are PU only I think. Yes all made in CAP ;)

Christine L said...

Hi Viv.... well I love them all and agree you should go into production... but like your hubby... I love the surprise one the most!

Christine x

Christine L said...

PS... just needed to share this.... my daughter is 6' 1" - so when she was younger... we had a T shirt printed with the words 'yes.... I AM tall!!' It cut the first sentence everyone said when they met her!! LOL! No one would say small... or thin.... or fat.... but for some reason, tall is OK!

Christine x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Beautiful beautiful Tee shirts, love them all, I can see why he was pleased, they are quite arty with the masks you have used, excellent work.

Viv said...

Good idea too Christine ;) xx

Karin said...

Great t-shirts you've made, Viv! I prefer the two with the birds on it, beautiful!
Karin x

Unknown said...

Wow great t-shirts Viv especially the little birds one :-) x

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