Tuesday 4 December 2012

Happy Cuts A4 Cutting & Embossing Machine

Hi everyone, today I thought I would show you my new
'Happy Cuts' machine by Artemio. Not much info about it
 on the web, so I will try and give you as much info here as I
 can. Not used it much as yet as it's an Xmas pressie really,
 but I had a few 'experiments' with it just for you :) I must  first 
say I am very pleased with it , it cuts and embosses beautifully.
 There are so many plates to use it's easy to get the right
 sandwich for whatever you wish to cut or emboss.I bought my
 machine from Samuel Taylors btw.,( no connection), arrived 
quickly & good service . I also bought the clear SP plate
 there too.I believe you can also buy two clear plates now so
 you can see what you are cutting or embossing but I manage
 ok with just the embossing SP clear plate.The Happy Cuts machine
 is made in the same factory as the older Joy Trouvaille machine.
 They are virtually the same machine, except the Happy Cuts
 has metal gears and not plastic (I decided it may be  a lot  sturdier
 too). Mine is white and the JT is a cream/off white colour too.
Weight wise it's (7.5 kg) it feels just about the same 
weight as my old Cuttlebug machine.I like the fact that it folds
 flat on top so you can store all your plates on top too.The sides
 fold up and the top handle lies flat, there is a little top compartment
 for keeping small dies in also. It will cut Spellbinders dies, Memory
 Box,Marianne,Magnolia ,Cuttlebug ,Nellies,Cheery Lynn, Quickutz,Jeart,Joycraft
 Cart Us,X Cut,Papermania,some Sizzix dies ( thicker dies need the blue plate or SP
 plate and not the Grey plate.)You CAN'T use the Sizzix thick dies,
 or the Big shot dies( big black ones),or the BigZ dies, or Marriane
 Designs cut & emboss folders.It will take the Cuttlebug thick
 metal/foam alphabet and other similar dies though.
These are the plate 'sandwiches' I use.
To cut (plates from bottom upwards)
White A plate
Grey C plate
( does Spellbinders)
To Emboss (plates from bottom upwards)
White A plate
Black rubber mat
Die in card ( facing up)
Black B plate
( does Spellbinders)
To cut & then emboss
White A plate
Grey C plate
( then remove C plate and add Black B plate)
To emboss with a folder(plates from bottom upwards)
 ( Cuttlebug type, others may vary)
Black B plate
Card in folder
SP clear plate
To die cut other dies ( Cuttlebug alphabet etc)
White A plate
SP plate
Sizzix (old black backed dies)
Black plate
SP clear plate
To use the new M-boss folders( double sided)
(Takes 350gsm card)
Black B plate
Card in folder
SP clear plate
or use
White A plate
Card in folder
One or Two cuttlebug B plates (side by side if needed)
It cuts paper, card,glitter card fabric,vellum,foil,grungboard,parchment, 
acetate and ( felt up to 2mm).
Hope that list helps some of you, I found the info on various sites,
thankyou to the blog owners ( sorry can't remember who now). Some
of the info is what I have found to be right by using the machine myself.
I will add more info here as I find it also.The main thing is not to force
the plates through the machine, if it won't go through use a thinner plate.
Also the handle can spin backwards if the 'sandwich' is too tight, so be 
aware of that too ( Ouch....just did that).
Update.......to use the newer A4 embossing folders( Crafts Too 
and Grand M-Bossabilities etc.)
from bottom up

White A plate
Card in folder
2 old Cuttlebug B plates side by side

These all come with the machine, top one is a rubber mat.
This is an extra to buy !


Unknown said...

thanks for the info..im contemplating getting a newer machine....er dont know which one yet but gotta save my peenies wont be for ages so hope my big shot holds out i think i have done it no favours forcing stuff through (im so naughhty arnt i)..but this now is a possible machine ..hugs sasyxxx

Sasha said...

Happy days with your new toy, Viv. It looks and sounds great! I dare not buy any more toys. I already have the Big Shot, Grand Calibur, Silhouette and Cameo machines. Although, I do NOT like the Grand Calibur. It doesn't cut as cleanly as my Big Shot, and after a few passes there was a loud bang and something rather big is rattling about inside...I'm sending it back!!! Enjoy playing, I'm looking forward to seeing what you create! xx

Stamps and Paper said...

HI Viv...oh what a lovely Christmas pressie...yes you are right it is like the JOY machine which I have.. Will look forward to seeing what you create with your new toy..enjoy!


Jackie said...

If you enjoy your new machine as much as I enjoy my Grand Calibur then it will be an excellent investment. I bought my new Christmas present to me last week, it's a Kindle Fire and I love it to bits :o)
Jackie xx

Glenda Atkins said...

Can't wait to see all your beautiful creations using this machine, looks impressive!

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