Friday 17 August 2012

Flower tutorial

Hi everyone,another hot day here again, hope you have the sun too.
I have been asked by a few people to do a tutorial on how I make
my handmade flowers.Not that I am at all brilliant by any means
 but they look ok...I think. I have tried several methods and adapted 
other tutorials I have seen so won't leave links to other tutorials here.
There are plenty about if you look  but these are just what I found
 works best for me. I will just show you pictures as I am not into
 doing videos etc. I am afraid :) First I cut my flower shapes out.
These will make two finished flowers , I make mine two at a time
 anyway.You will need three flower shapes for one basic flower,
 but feel free to add as many layers as you please. I often use four or five.
You can either use fancy scissors or dies/punches but you are after a round
shape ( if using fancy scissors) or any flower shape you choose if
using dies. If using  fancy scissors cut a circular shape then starting
 from the edge  go in concentric circles until you get to the middle.Then
you just use a cocktail stick and wind it around loosely,let go, then glue
 at intervals. Colour the same as below, either with a Promarker or distress inks.
When using dies I found I like the TH Rose Creations dies or the TH Tattered
 floral dies best & also an Xcut punch too for the smaller middle flower.
 I use card mostly as it stands up to 'wetting' better than paper
 but you can  use paper if you want. Just make sure the paper is quite
 thickish  though. Here I used some linen  card 255 gsm, I use bits left
 over from making my square cards. I first cut six flower shapes,
four from the die below & two cut with the x cut punch. Then
  I used a yellow Promarker (  Summer sun or Canary) to
 shade  the edges. I then take the first two I coloured & lightly
spray with water, don't wet too much. Start to crinkle them,
( that's a technical term he he). I wrap the ends around a pencil
and squidge them a bit side to side and up and down.Do it VERY
gently or it will tear. I then dry them using my heat gun, holding
them down with a pair of tweezers. The next two flower shapes
are coloured with some distress ink ( I used TH mustard seed).
Just dab it all over,( I  dab the ink onto an acylic rectangle, then I 
use a sponge ,then spray with water again.That part is VERY messy,
your hands will be yellow....very yellow! Crinkle as before and dry
those also ( if you are impatient like me...otherwise leave until dry.)
Colour the remaining two flowers with the Promarker again but
 this time colour it all over. Crinkle, then dry.These last two flowers
 are crinkled a lot ! 'scrunch' and 'crinkle' them well :)
Leave the last ones crinkled almost completely as you dry them
 as they are for the centres.He he... so much 'crinkling' and 'scrunching',
even I am laughing at this description now! All  very technical terms you
 understand ....ahem. Right next we have 'assembly', the easy part I am 
glad to say.I use Anita's tacky glue but any strong glue will do really.
 Start with the flower you edged with the Promarker,add a bit of glue to the
 centre then atatch the next flower. Then add the next one, then the
 'really scrumpled' up one in the middle.I add random bits of glue to some
 edges, then cover with glamour dust. That's it, two pretty flowers.
.......................well I hope they are lol. Hope that was clear enough.
I will make a card with these two flowers next just to show you how
 they look on a card :)
Update!....I added a card with these flowers on the next day, see next post ! 
New update July 2013.......I tend to use TH distress inks to colour my flowers now.
I used 4 of the bottom flower shapes here ( Tattered Floral Die)
I used 2 of these flower shapes
Here they are cut out
Coloured edges and right one is wetted and crinkled

Two right ones crinkled, middle ones are done with distress inks & crinkled, right pair still left white
Last two on left coloured with a Promarker
After colouring and 'crinkling'
After assembly !
Dot bits with glue & add glamour dust for sparkle !


Ruth said...

These are lovely - thanks for sharing! Ruth :)

Sasha said...

Your flowers a so pretty, Viv. Such a great tutorial, too...thank you! x

Sue said...

WOW! These are gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing.

hugs Sue

Crafty Loops said...

These are really pretty Viv. Lee xx

G Peplow said...

Super flowers Viv and a great tutorial, thank you, hugs Gay xxx

Canonbury creations said...

So pretty and a great tutorial Viv, I've bookmarked you:) Great fun all this babysitting eh? I'm looking forward to September, we've booked a house on Brittany and Keir, Lara and Charlie are coming too:) Two whole weeks! Fab weather, hope we get some in France.
Val x

debs29blue said...

Hi Viv

Thanks so much for this tutorial, it is fab! I know I had asked you a little while ago about how you make your beautiful flowers and you said to email you. So sorry for not getting back to you before, but I have been having major computer trouble!
Anyway, I really appreciate you doing this tutorial, thanks so much, bless you.
Take care
Debs x

Glenda Atkins said...

Thanks for the wonderful tutorial Viv, very informative!

Jackie said...

I know you are loving the heat Viv, but it's washing me out completely, I am like a limp rag :o(
I love your flowers, thank you for sharing :o)
Jackie xx

Christine L said...

Fab flowers and brilliant tutorial Viv...... thanks for sharing!! Hmmmm now where's my pink paper to try it out.... hehe!

Christine x

Beccy said...

Great tutorial Viv, thank you so much for sharing. The flowers are lovely and that little bit of sparkle gives them just the right amount of pizazz!

Chris said...

Wonderful flowers Viv and fab tutorial, all I need to do now is buy all the stuff to make them lol. Chris xx

Ruthie B`s said...

Thesaurus are great, who makes the small punch? Could u let me know .Hugs xxx

Ruthie B`s said...

Sorry I mean't to say the flowers were great xx

Viv said...

Sorry Ruthie, only just seen this, it's an X-cut punch:) Viv xx

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