Thursday, 22 March 2012

The container arrives !

This is just a quick post to show you some very happy children !
My daughter in law started a charity in Ecuador see details below
 in her words.
"I have spent a lot of time in Ecuador as I have set up a charity called
 the Mashi Foundation. It is registered with the Charity Commission in
 the UK and we work with children living in poverty both in urban and
 rural areas of Ecuador. You can find more information about this by
 clicking on the link: "
Anyway a large container she sent recently has just arrived and here are
some of the photo's they sent back to us. Sarah had spent many months
 trying to organize the paperwork alone, with trips to London & embassies
too. Her poor mother had to put up with a bedroom completely full of large
 boxes for months too lol. We all rallied round, friends & relatives to donate
 any unwanted clothing, shoes,bedding & also toys ,lots of things really.
 She also bought some uniforms & boots for the firemen in the village who
 help with the distribution of goods and have been such a help to her. That was
 a surprise so they must have been thrilled too.
Sarah also makes lovely jewellery which she sells to give further aid to these
poor children & families. See the Wapa-Wapa link on sidebar or HERE for
 more details of her jewellery . Here are a few photo's anyway :)


Vee Ramsden said...

You must be very proud of your daughter-in-law, such people are a blessing to this world, who selflessly give time, energy, devotion and love to helping others less fortunate than ourselves. It brings everything back into perspective when you see pictures like these.... I know we are going through a hard time in the UK right now but most of us should thank our lucky stars that we aren't born into poverty and hardship like those in the "third world"....... Thank you Sarah for being you and making me realise how fortunate I am.... There by the Grace of God go I!

Valerie said...

Great to see the faces of the children in the photos, Sarah must have been delighted to know it all arrived safely and was so well received!
Val xx

bbsox55 said...

My hat is off to you and your daughter. These photos are great so thanks for sharing. Also, as a sidebar my birthday is Jan. 14 also. LOL

Jackie said...

What lovely photographs, see the happiness on their faces. Credit must go to your DiL :o)
Jackie xx

Glenda Atkins said...

Wonderful thing for her to do, the children looked so happy!

Viv said...

It's my Daughter in law Brenda,& not down to me at all :) but thanks :) oooh another Jan 14th baby then ! Viv xx

Viv said...

I so agree Jackie :) Viv xx

pickle said...

Oh wow what a wonderful DIL you have, what a brilliant thing for her to do and the children look super happy with their new toys ..bless them
Kerry x

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