Wednesday 28 October 2020

A Waterfall, Gnomes and a Bowl

Hi there crafty friends, I have a few crafty makes made by my OH to share today for a change. Back in Summer he decided to carve a waterfall.........hmm I know I was surprised too!

Anyway he carved away for a few days/weeks adding various bits to it as he went. He then painted it and aged it and waterproofed it all. Then he added it to our garden, quite pleased how it turned out in the end.

We have a large circular sunken bit to our garden, it's where he dug a large hole for our old above ground swimming pool. Anyway the pool is gone now...the kids outgrew it and he couldn't be bothered with all the cleaning of it etc.

So we added a large gazebo to it and our garden table and chairs live nicely there during the Summer. The surrounding paved area at the top of it is where he added the waterfall bit with the pools above and below. There was a small hedge all around half of the top of the sunken part and he cut a section out to add the waterfall. He added a small pond in the area above that (used to be a veg garden....then a wildflower lawn (sowed later after the waterfall was complete) with this pool in a corner which feeds the waterfall.

Are you still with me lol, anyway it's in place now,...bit bare still, just needs lots plants etc. to soften it year that will happen. I love the tiny daises you see between steps, I am planting those if I can find some too. When he dug the bottom pond he found some clay so tried making a tiny gnome with it.

That turned out okay so he made a larger one, then a fishing one to go beside the waterfall, see them all below. The waterfall makes a lovely sound as we sit under the gazebo too...I tried a quick video with my phone, not done it before but you get the idea of what it all looks and sounds like  ;)

He is now finishing the painting on a lovely little cornish cottage he has been making for over a year now. I will share that once it's finished, also he is making another model house too, think this one will have a water wheel...oh and some lovely little trees ....not sure what he will do with those as yet lol ;)

Not sure if I added this pic of a bowl he made either so adding that at the bottom too.

Back soon with more cards, enjoy your week whatever you are doing ;)


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Mac Mable said...

You know how much I am in awe of your husbands creativity and talent Viv...Thank you for sharing the photos and it would be great to see more next year with the pretty flowers as well x. Had a little chuckle with the gnomes...super cute x.

Mac Mable said... know what happens with running water....after watching the short video!!!! x.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Another WOW! project from hubby Viv, you are a clever pair.Your pool/waterfall must be wonderful to sit around. Love those Gnomes also.
Faith x

Rosemary said...

your hubby sure is talented, viv! that waterfall is amazing!

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