Sunday 2 August 2020

Handful of Tulips card Water Colour tutorial

Hi there friends, I am back with a quick tutorial for one of the cards I posted yesterday. Sorry if it's a tad long as it grew more than expected ;) I do love to water colour my digital images or use water colour in the background sometimes too.

This card is one I made using RachelVassDesigns latest digi 'Handful of Tulips'.

As you probably know it isn't always easy to use water colour with digital images. Some use a laser printer, but I only have an inkjet printer so had to find a way of using that as it's not that old.

I have a Canon iP7250 and I have use various water colour card. The one I found best to use (for me anyway) is the Crafters Companion 300gsm  Water Colour card. It's quite a thick card and goes through my printer quite easily so that helps too.

First I print my digi image using the printer setting...Photo papers.... Matt Photo Paper setting on my printer. You can find lots of options there and this seems to work out best for me. You will have to experiment which works for you with the paper /card you want to use.

I cheated here and added a digi water colour 'splodge' behind my wording. I have a few water colour 'brushes' and also quite a collection of other  digi image bits and pieces too. I tend to use my 'brushes' and make my own shapes though mostly.

I use my Serif Craft Artist programme to do all this btw. in case you were wondering. I use Photoshop Elements sometimes and also Corel Paintshop Pro, depending what I want to do. But the Craft Artist programme or CAP is my main one for doing this sort of thing. 

So I have my digi image printed out now, I first use my heat gun on it , esp. if I am going to use it straight away! I do try to leave it for 24hrs if possible to make sure the ink is dry properly which helps. Often I just go ahead and use it though lol..I am very impatient sometimes and when my mojo strikes you just have to crack on...don't you find ?

So the next step is I use a rubber/eraser all over my images, this seems to really help. 

Okay my next step is to start my actual water colouring itself. I go lightly, not too much water, and I dab it with a piece of kitchen roll paper as I go if I feel it's getting a bit too wet. 

This is what it looks like with a quick 'loose' wash!

A bit more water colouring here and there to deepen shading. I added some dots with a black permanent pen to the middle of the flower centres too here. I then did a few 'splashes' for interest.

A bit more water colouring to the hand and my card was finished. Yeeeaaah! ;)

So here is my card finished and photographed , I hope this was of some use to you all ;)
Back soon with yet more cards ;)


Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Great tutorial Viv. Wish my printer would take 300gsm, but I manage!

Love the end result.
Faith x

Mac Mable said...

Yes my printer would definitely not print onto 300gsm....What a pretty card with lovely loose water coloring and what a fun way to add the pink water colour behind the sentiment as a digi x.

Rosemary said...

thanks for the tips for watercoloring with digital images. our printer is an inkjet, too, and i have not had good luck with digi images. may have to give it another try.

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