Friday 28 July 2017

Craft room make-over 2017

Hi there friends, I have almost finished my craft room 
make-over. I did say earlier I would share my results
so here they are. Sorry this is very photo heavy so
be warned.
It's not fabulous I know, but it looks a whole lot tidier
 to me anyway. It was such hard work moving
everything and sorting/giving stuff away and then
 painting too of course. 
Let's just say I won't be going there again for a very
 long time lol. I will still be getting rid of more 'stuff'
and sorting all the things in my baskets a bit better.
It all just takes time though and I am just resting
after all the painting/sorting yet. We have also had 
major work done on the house too this year 
(as you probably know) So we are still finishing
 that too.
 The whole house is looking far better now and
 well worth all the hard work this year. Next year
 I plan to do very little, unless we start the kitchen 
make over! But not planning that yet thank 
Anyway come and have a quick peek at my room
and see where all the magic happens for me ;)
(Infact it was  only after seeing all these
 photographs I took  to show other friends my
craft space that I  realised I really HAD to
do something about it.)
Before Photo's
I hated the yellow walls which didn't go with my
 black baskets and pink stuff I was now aquiring too.
I also hated the mismatched plastic drawers! practical
 I know but I bought them over several years so
they didn't even match.
Lots of light as you can see which I really love ;)
I sit at my lovely desk  when on my 'puter and
the other chair when crafting. The cream woolly 
 poncho keeps me warm if I feel chilly.
My clever OH made me these ink holder type
cabinets for all my inks.I added strips of card with
 each colour on and a name to each ink for ease of use.
Sorry about the messiness lol, I just took a photo
 without tidying as I was showing how untidy it all was.
I bought these pen holders a while ago. I added circles
 of colour and a number so I can find them easily
 on my chart. (See I can be a bit organized lol!)
My spare craft space, (used to be for jewellery making)
I now use this for cutting mainly or sorting through
 stamps I want to use or looking at new stuff. Of course
I also gaze out the window sometimes too.
Ahem.... yes very messy I know ! sometimes there is
 no space at all to craft here. I have been known to work
 on a tiny piece of desk below my keyboard sometimes
......oh the shame!
My desk, I know what you are thinking....more mess!
I am trying to be tidier now though I promise ;)
After Photo's 
The walls are a soft white type colour ( Moonlight Mist?)
and the curtains are bright pink to match all my pink stuff.
 I kept some of the plastic drawers but only a few
  and matching ones. I am waiting for a large canvas 
I have bought to go on the wall. It is of a beach scene
and has a window bit either side. I can think I am
on a beach as I craft ;) 
My OH made me these new shelves and I bought more 
of the black baskets (from Amazon). Bit tidier now! still sorting
 the baskets yet.

Closer look.

Excuse all the clutter but wanted to show you my new lamp.
( Amazon again )It's awesome !, lovely white colour 
lighting. Several degrees of brightness and it works simply
 by sliding  your finger along the groove at the front. Hidden by
 paper here grr...sorry!

Another view, excuse all the rubbish in boxes in foreground.
Still not sorted those as yet. The pouffe with the cute doggie
is going soon btw.
I used to put a cot opposite when my granddaughter
 slept here (I had two other cots too, 4 young
 grandchildren  arhh!). She loved looking at the
 doggie!...Felix before you ask!

General view, I have more shelves and boxes under the
 window as you can see.Bit dark so I hope you can see!

I love these wooden boxes with a heart, I bought several.
(Waitrose of all places) Still got to sort stuff in them as yet.

I bought my self a new Xcut guillotine, much tidier
 for my space and white which I love and no long
 handle sticking out either.

I think that gives you an idea of how my room is
 progressing so far. More tidying and more decluttering
yet but I feel I am getting there now.

I have also started to categorize all my stamps, dies,
stencils too. Thanks to the lovely Anita from 
Neet& for mentioning
the Evernote system of keeping things organized online.
I am slowly working my way through all my stuff and
making files with it there. Sooo handy that!
At least then I can just search tags for what I already
 have and find it quickly. Handy for making a card and also
for making sure I don't buy the same thing twice!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little crafty space. I
know it isn't the tidiest, most organized, clean looking
space you will see...but it's mine and I love it.
Well I will when I have finished sorting it all that is lol.

Thank you for reading all this if you are still here.
Happy crafting friends ;) 


cotnob said...

You have a fabulous space Viv, it looks so bright an spacious. It must be lovely to have nearly finished - just a bit more sorting to go.
Have a lovely weekend.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Canonbury creations said...

Fabulous crafting space Viv, I envy you the windows that is one thing I miss in my 7' x 3' space!!!
Val x

Kim Heggins said...

Beautiful new craft the colors!

Gerrina said...

Wow you really have been bussy! Looks great whit the pink and black against the white! Good luck with the rest you want to do, but I think this is so good and fun to work in a totally different looking room! Looking forward to all your makes as ever... Enjoy the weekend!

Darnell said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the photos of your before and after craft space and how far you've come, Vee! You've done so much and it looks brilliant! Once you start organizing, you just want to keep going so I know you'll get through all the rest. The Evernote system is great and really helps, too, to keep us "in line" and not get disorganized again!! Well done, my friend and high fives to Mr. Vee for all his contributions! Hugs, Dee

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

With all those play things I can see how you produce wonderful cards and what a wonderful light space to play in.

Christine L said...

I loved looking at your pics Viv... and especially as I see the fab pink and black colour scheme! Also..... I LOVED to see that there's someone with as much clutter as me!! I SOOO know the feeling of crafting in the 6 square inches that are left on our desks!

Christine x

Cara said...

Wow, it's looking fab. I hope Felix is staying put though. I did smile about your comment regarding the handle on the guillotine, my handle never made it out of the storage space underneath! So jealous of the amount of space you have, think the entire downstairs of my little terrace would fit in there with room to spare! As you say, fabulous daylight too x

Mac Mable said...

What a wonderful work space and thank you for sharing the photos. Love the touches of pink and how you've made a really valiant attempt at the sorting. You've a huge amount of crafting goodies and its not easy. It's your own space and you go and enjoy x

Mac Mable said...

Meant to ask....what make is the light and is it good for crafting after dark? Thanks x

Neets B said...

Wow, Viv! You have a fabulous craft space....and a stash and a half! I'm so envious of the light you have, what a lovely bright space to work in. Such and improvement and I love those black woven baskets and I wonder if Kate bought one of those heart boxes in Waitrose! ;) Thanks so much for the shout out too, not got far with my Evernote listings yet, another work in progress xx

Ann said...

Lovely to take a look at your craft space Viv! Love the space you have and the light - when you've been collecting/acquiring for a while, it can become overwhelming, but you're really getting on top of it now, so good luck with the final push! Thank you for sharing!

Viv said...

It says Taotronics and I just use it to see my keyboard and computer better at night. Not tried it for crafting as I do that during the day.It's a lovely bright pure white light though and I love it ;) HTH x

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