Monday, 7 December 2015

Pumpkins etc.

Hi everyone, just a quick post to show you 
a few things my OH has been making lately.
I bought a beautiful small pumpkin for 
Halloween and wanted to keep it as long 
as possible as I loved the colours and

My talented OH said he would try and
 make a copy for me so I could keep it.
I think he did very well. Can you see 
which is the real one?

The other things are a pen/pencil holder
 he made for his little table (he also made
the table) and some wooden log things
Hmm can you see that bad scratch on my 
table under the pen holder? I wasn't happy,
it's a lovely antique one and had been
french polished. He has now been
told to use a smaller table nearby.


He has also made me some Modge
 Podge and is trying to make some
polymer clay now. The latter is very sticky
 and was extremely messy to make.
 It's in the fridge now firming up but 
looking better. He is in the kitchen now
making Chocolate ice cream ;)


  1. Oh my Viv! What a super talented OH you have! Where would we be without them? Must nag mine to get on with my 'Stickles holder' now! Have a great week! Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

  2. I think you should win an award for the most creative couple Viv! Amazing wooden pumpkin!
    Val x

  3. Colin is so talented Viv, I can't tell which is the real pumpkin! :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. Wow... he's a clever man Viv!! My OH only just knows one end of a saw from the other!

    Christine x

  5. No I couldn't decide which one was real so a very good imitation....well done to your hubby Viv


  6. This was fun, Vee! How blessed you are with a guy like that!!!! Crafty, talented, AND he makes ice cream? Whoa, lucky you! (Course he's lucky, too!) Happy Holiday Hugs! Dee

  7. Wow...he is so talented. Love all of his amazing creations.


Thankyou so much for leaving a comment, everyone much appreciated :) Viv xx

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