Tuesday 19 August 2014

Forest Fest Photo's

Hi everyone, at last....here are the promised photo's 
from the  recent 'Forest Fest' we attended.
It was an after wedding celebration for our
daughter's husbands brother and wife, they were 
married two days earlier.
It was  held at the groom's parents house. The house
 is  in the middle of a forest.... literally, so perfect for
 this celebration.
Btw. it was also the venue for our daughter's wedding
reception 4 years ago...it rained so heavily though,
such a shame. The weather was fabulous this time
Still cannot believe all the work Steve and Sarah
put into it all....anyway you will see yourself. They
 wanted  a magical forest celebration.... I think they
 achieved it.
The words I kept hearing from everyone were
"Wow this is just amazing"
Steve built the stage,treehouse,the sweet booths and most 
things you see here and carved lots of  things too,
 even a totem pole!
So here goes.......
The Venue
The Happy Couple ....vintage theme!
The amazing cake!
The cake flavours......tasted so yummy !

The sweetie booths.

These proved very popular, top quality ice creams and cones.
A chocolate fountain, a candy floss machine and a booth
with most sweets you can imagine. Built by Steve and 
put together/decorated/painted by our daughter.
Every single sweet was eaten according to our daughter.
I think all the kids were on a sugar high all day/evening lol !
Lots of children attended and they all had such a great time.
In the evening they all had dayglow sticks and dayglow 
jewellery, quite a sight to behold dashing about.
The Mart Inn...their name is Martin, all the drinks were in here.
I helped to set everything up, about 200 expected....yikes! some camped overnight too.

So much to do and see.
There was croquet....
4x4 bumpy rides in the forest....they had a special track as both Steve and our SIL love it.
A large tree swing.....

Also see the face on the tree above..a few of these around to spot.
Another tree swing....we used loads of ribbon to decorate them
A children's craft area and even a face painting expert...
So much craft stuff, this is only a fraction of it....

Most of us got a rub on tattoo...mine was a small spider :)
Then along the forest trail.....
A tree house....built just for the day.... hammocks were added underneath later too I noticed.
Lots of old keys hanging from branches near the tree house...
A carved totem pole....

A tree den...
Some steam punk stuff  here and there....
A woodland suite... hay bales for a mattress...
A frame for photo's....
A stage built for the live group....
Faces to spot.....
Fairies dotted everywhere.....
More fairies.....esp lots in old trees...
and frogs......

Lots of bird song and frogs sounds set off
 when you entered paths....so magical...a child's dream.
Wooden sculputres....
Lots of seating..and another face to spot...
and more seating....
Yummy food...just setting up here... 9 quiches made by the family and so tasty!

Soooo many boxes of these.... and strawberries and fresh fruit for dessert.
Pretty flowers...
Pretty colours too.....and night lights in little 'tents' later on.
The craft area was a big hit, esp. the face painting..
Me and my beautiful daughter...
We had just helped to finish doing the tables and swings,
also putting all the food out etc. Glad of a sit down too.
How my chest looks so near the floor here I do not
know......it isn't. My beads have risen up to neck also
for some unknown reason  ...make allowances lol.
The several glasses of  homemade Elderflower champagne
 we were plied with while doing jobs not helping either
..........but lovely !
and one with daddy too :)......
Good fun was had by all.....

The group were just fabulous......all friends of the groom...
They played all night too......
and yet more food at night....
A big bonfire for the evening....kept us all toasty...I sat next to a fireman :)
Then a big screen was put up later and they showed the Star Wars film...
I have been to a few 'do's here now and they always put on a  fabulous
 party. So many multi talented singers/ musicians in the family too,there
 is often a stage and they all do their 'pieces'.
Sometimes its funny  poetry too,we have been amazed by the 
confidence of the children. One  decided to just give an amazing
 speech at our daughter's wedding.It was soo clever and funny...think
 he was about nine!
Sometimes in the evening Steve does fire-eating and swings buckets
 of fire ...oh my! he and his brother ( and our SIL) stand by the
large pond just in case he told us lol.
 So we always feel very excited to attend. So many lovely
 people here...we had such a lot of laughs.
This sums it all up I think .....:)
Everyone just loved it all, and we suggested they do it every year
.......but that didn't go down too well lol ! The bride and groom
and our SIL all work for an events company...I think it shows lol.
So there it is......hope you have enjoyed seeing it all.
.....One last pic, I caught our DD peeking from behind a tree :)


Canonbury creations said...

Wow Viv what an amazing celebration and in such a stunning setting! The work that must have gone into setting it all up but as you say they run an events company. It must have been absolutely magical like something from The Magic Faraway Tree:)
Fab photos as well from your new camera and your comment on your photo with Luisa made me hoot!! So not everything has gone south then :)
I'm hoping the weather perks up abit for the weekend, Charlie is coming up with his parents and we are having a BBQ for Dom, my eldest's birthday with a few friends. Can't say I mind the cooler nights though.
Enjoy the bank holiday Viv
Val xx

Viv said...

Thanks Val, yes it was amazing!... they don't run an events company they work for one.Yes enjoying the new camera :) I am missing the hot weather now....enjoy your bbq :) xx

Sue said...

WOW! Such a wonderful way to celebrate a Wedding. It's clear to see that so much work went into making it all so magical and very special indeed. I am sure everyone who attended will remember the special day forever.
Thank you for sharing your fabulous photos. Both you and your daughter look so beautiful, I love your outfits!
hugs Sue xx

Jackie said...

Wonderful photographs Viv, what a spectacular wedding venue. I love that totem pole :o)
Jackie xx

Christine L said...

Wowww Viv.... what a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding!! It must have have been truly magical with all that fabulous entertainment for all! I'm so glad you had good weather for it too!

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photographs with us.... I almost feel like I was there... but oooh.... hang on, I didn't get to taste that fabulous cake!

Big hugs
Christine x

Viv said...

Thanks Christine.........I had several pieces of that cake!!! it was sooo moist and delicious too. So many people couldn't decide which flavour to have so shared pieces :)

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

WOW what a fabulous "EVENT", isn't it marvellous what people think of, fabulous photos so we can all enjoy the memories. Thanks Viv.

1CardCreator said...

Wow, that was certainly an affair to remember, what fabulous ideas, it all looks so beautiful. Loved seeing the pics of you and your family too. ~Diane

Gerrina said...

What a super fest! It is like they took several of the yummiest things for each age! Can see that you enjoyed yourself (and got tired...) Great pics! Hugs, Gerrina

Lynne said...

Viv I`m really sorry, I looked at the pics as soon as you posted and intended commenting when I could give it the time it deserved. And promptly forgot. So sorry I`m on another planet at the moment. Anyway it looks absolutely amazing, like Val I would compare it to the Magic Faraway Tree ( just bought the book for Ruby). So much hard work and creative imagination you couldn`t not have a great time.
I too am missing the warm days but am so enjoying the cooler nights.
Lynne xxx

G Peplow said...

WOW Viv!!! Totally magic, what imagination, I love all the brilliant details and that they included games and activities for the children, you all looked amazing and what a cake!! You were so lucky the sun was shining too!
A wonderful day that you will all remember for ever, I'm so glad that you shared with us here, thank you , Hugs Gay xx

Deepti said...

What a superb imagination :) love all the details that were kept in mind in creating such awesomeness !

Darnell said...

That was incredible, Vee!! Thank you so much for sharing! I even ran through the whole thing a second time, there was so much to see! My goodness, they are all so good at their event planning, it was perfection! And that Steve is a like a magician with all of his talents!! It was also lovely to see you and your sister, even with hanging boobs and rising beads - boy, I laughed at that one!! Wait? What? That's your daughter? Give over!! She is beautiful, just like her mama!! Hugs, Darnell

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