Friday 6 September 2013

Using the larger A4 embossing folders with the Happy Cuts

Hi everyone, just a quick post today. Having just aquired a new
A4 Crafts Too embossing folder I was eager to try it out. 
It seems there is an issue regarding which 'sandwich' to use
 with the 'Happy Cuts' A4 machine or also the JT ( which is
 almost the same apart from colour and the latter has plastic 
I found if I used the white A plate , card in A4 folder then two
old Cuttlebug B plates side by side it works perfectly. I believe
the Grand M-Bossability folders can be used the same way too.
I was told the Creative Expressions plate or the Grand Calibur
 Raspberry plate may be another option also, but I haven't tried
 them  myself.
So that is my solution to using the new thicker A4 embossing
 folders in the Happy Cuts machine.
I hope this info may be of some help to other 'Happy Cuts' users :)
Here is a quick photo of some embossing I did today using this
 method and  an A4 Crafts Too embossing  folder.
 I didn't use an A4 piece of card but I did put it through
 in the middle. As you  can see it works perfectly :)
ps. I will now add this to my older info on the Happy Cuts and the right
'sandwiches to use etc. Link  to it HERE .

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Glenda Atkins said...

Thanks for the ino Viv!

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