Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hexagon card

Good morning everyone, very windy here today, sun earlier
but now we have rain boo hoo! Here is another card for
this week's  'Less is More' challenge. This time it's a theme
which is .......................................................................
I was so happy to be chosen again for the showcase,
 ( happy dance), thankyou Chrissie and Jen :) 
I haven't got any hexagon type stamps or papers etc.
 so panic set in at first ( no change there then). Then I
 came up with  this idea. I chose an image from my GCF 
( Greeting card  Factory) programme. I made it into a pentagon,
 then  squished  the top to make it into a hexagon shape.
All that  sounds quite easy but the programme is working
 erratically  atm.  ( to put it mildly) and it kept switching
 to a different edit mode grrrrr! .
 After almost losing the will to live I  managed to do it however.
 I faded some of the images,altered the size and moved them
 around etc. then I added a sentiment and printed & cut it
 out. I 3d that  piece onto another card base & added 
my usual glamour dust. Job done.............and relax.
ps.It's been a strange week, happy news about the new
 grandbaby ( smiles). Then our DIL got made redundant,
then she aquired another job she had been after the very
 next day lol.
 Oh and I have lost 5 lbs on my new 'diet', hate that
 word....but it is one really. Just hope the weight loss
 continues next week now lol.
Have a lovely weekend  whatever you have planned :)
 I plan to relax after finishing  both  grandbabies first year
 albums at long last.Oh and here is my first effort at digi 
scrapbooking too, hope you like it.

First effort at digi scrapbook page.
 Also entering the Hexagon card into another challenge now.
A.R.T. Card challenge 'Sketch' 


  1. Hi Viv
    Fabulous card ... You clever clogs....
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  2. Very resourceful Viv, and very lovely too!
    I'm so pleased to see that no challenge we present can defeat you!
    (Well deserved showcase too)
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More

  3. Hi Viv, love your hexagons, I was wondering what to do as I haven't succumbed to the current trend yet! I may cut some out with my silhouette. Alex's page is gorgeous, digi scrapping is such an amazing tool:) It was gorgeous here yesterday but cooler and very windy with threatening clouds today! Off out with Charlie for some lunch and a bit of retail therapy:)
    Val x

  4. Forgot to congratulate you on being showcased and losing weight! Xx

  5. Love your card VIv and so clever


  6. Love your hexagon card Viv... that sounds so technical to me... but is fabulous! And love your layout too... lovely way to keep memories.

    You have had a busy week by the sounds of it... lots of ups and downs... but hopefully all is well now..

    Can I ask a favour... don't know if it's just me, but I find your text hard to read.... love the font so don't want that changed cos it's gorgeous.... but could you put a line space/para in here and there?? LOL!! Think my eyes need it!! hehe! Gawdd... I do sound like a moaner... but I like to read what you write!

    Big hugs
    Christine x

    1. Thanks Christine.Oh yes of course I can lol, now I look at it I can see your point too! I just tend to type away......thanks point taken!....oh and I have made my pink card now too:) Viv xx

  7. Your card is fabulous Viv and very cleverly done too. Congrats on the showcase, very well deserved.
    Lynne xxx

  8. Wonderful card Viv, such a fabulous design and gorgeous colours.
    Your scrapbook page is stunning!
    Congrats on your well deserved showcase too.
    hugs Sue xx

  9. Lovely card Viv! And I really like the scrapbook page! x

  10. Gorgeous card and layout, Viv! Wish I had the talent for using digital images and programs like you do!

  11. Fabulous card, I did a blue Peter version of a hexagon as I could not get onto my PC . You have made a super design with lovely colours.

  12. A wonderful first page Viv, and a gorgeous card. How clever to adapt the shapes :o)
    Jackie xx
    P.S. I hope the rain soon goes and you can keep warm...hugs
    Jackie xx

    1. Thanks Jackie, now blowing my nose and coughing yet again grrrrrr! Viv xx

  13. Love the card VIv, very pretty and love the fading as well.

    Beautiful digi scrap page, love digiing LOL.

  14. Your hard work on the hexagons paid off, the card looks lovely! Great digi page, too!

  15. Beautiful hexagon card Viv and congratulations on your showcased card at LIM very well deserved it's a stunner!! Hugs Gay x

  16. LOVE your hexagon card! And amazing scrapbook page, too!

  17. just stunning viv.. congrats on yor showcase

    Thanks for joining us this week
    Jen x
    "Less Is More"

  18. Wonderful 'hexagon' card and the scrapbook page is amazing. Congrats on being showcased, well deserved!

  19. This is sooooo pretty :) I am yet to learn the digi art, your creation is beautiful and the scrapbook page is awesome. Congratulations on ur showcase :)

  20. A very pretty card. Gorgeous colours and super design.
    Congratulations on being showcased. Well deserved.

  21. Such a pretty card,congrats on your weight loss too. Hugs Bev x

  22. Very pretty! I love your colors and layout.

  23. Beautifully done and very clever! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us at A.R.T. and joining in on our SKETCH challenge this week! Hope you'll join us again next week!
    A.R.T. DT


Thankyou so much for leaving a comment, everyone much appreciated :) Viv xx

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