Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas bits

First I am thinking of that terrible shooting in the USA , my
 thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by it.
Lots of hugs to anyone who needs them too.
Hi bloggers, just a few Christmas 'bits' I have made recently
 to show you today.First some candy name places I made for
our Xmas table, made quite a lot as there will be 7 or 8 of us here
 on  Xmas day and 9 of us on Boxing day...oh my! but here are just a
 few to show you.Here are some of the Rendeer's noses I made for
 the table. I usually wrap little table pressies but I think these may
 do instead this year.Also some pretty soaps I made as pressies,
 ( we just give each other handmade things now except for the
 babies of course).The soaps here are Lavender & almond oil,
also Honey,oatmeal & shea butter.I have made some Cucumber
and almond oil soap today and will make some Lime and
 lemongrass soon.I am also making some Lime, mandarin and basil
 soap and matching bath wash too, ( thinking of that lovely Jo
 Malone stuff with the last one).I may make lip balm and candles
at a later date also.I will pretty the soaps up using some cellophane
 wrap and ribbon and tags later of course and may include a nice
 white flannel too. Raspberry jam to make this afternoon also, with 
our homegrown raspberries from the freezer, for more 'gifts'.The
 homemade lager and homemade elderberry wine is coming on a
 treat too thanks to my OH.  Lots of labels for 'stuff' I must do as 
well yet. Soooo much to do yet arghhhh. At least I am feeling better 
today after my fall, thankyou to everyone who asked about me.
Right of to finish making lunch then onto the jam making me thinks.
More pics of Xmas stuff as I do them maybe.
 Have a good Sunday everyone whatever you are doing :)


Valerie said...

I'm in awe of your creativity Viv, the soaps are gorgeous and what a novel place setting:) Those reindeer noses look yummy! It's a fabulous day here, very mild, hope it is with you too
Val x

Caroline said...

These are gorgeous love the soaps. Caroline xxx

Jan Hennings said...

Oh goodness....what cute ideas!

Sasha said...

Lovely Christmas creations, Viv. Your soaps look fabulous! x

Sue - bearhouse said...

WOW!! You have been busy Viv. I love the table decorations and gorgeous soaps.
How lovely for you to make all of your own Chrsitmas gifts, so much more special than anything bought in the shops.

hugs Sue

Jackie said...

A wonderful selection showing off your various talents Viv :o)
Jackie xx

Faith A said...

Hi Viv, it's been so long since I have commented, but at last have a free moment, I have been catching up on ALL your fabulous makes, love the soaps and place holders on this post, may even copy your trick LOL.

Hope your knees are better, done the same thing myself in the past OUCH!

Beccy said...

What a wonderful selection of handmade goodies Viv, and what a lovely idea to exchange gifts that you have made yourselves. I really like your candy cane name-card holders, such a simple idea but they look fabulous!

Christine L said...

Hi Viv... you've certainly been busy!! Those little table pressies are fab.... and wow... I love your soaps!! I imagine they smell gorgeous!

And like you... I'm thinking of those families in the US.

Big hugs
Christine x

Aileen said...

Hi Viv love your idea for the place names and your hand made gifts are gorgeous. Like you our thoughts are with the families in states. x

Glenda Atkins said...

My heart breaks for the loss of all those little one and their teachers and my prayers go out to our neighbours to the South..

Love your place settings and the fab soaps. Where do you get all this energy:O) Wonderful crafting Viv.

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