Friday, 22 June 2012

Climbing Ben Nevis

                                  My daughter turned 40 on the 11th June ( how did that happen
........ and yes I am far too young to have a 40 year old lol ! ).
Anyway she decided she wanted to climb Ben Nevis to
 commemorate the achievement. As it's the highest mountain
 in the UK, I suppose it was a great goal and one she will  long 
remember.She went with her OH btw.,here are the photo's
 she sent me via her phone( quality not that great sorry).She said
their legs were aching afterwards, not surprisingly.Hope you enjoy
seeing all the pics, don't think I will be doing it anytime soon though lol.
They have also climbed Mount Snowden too btw.!
ps.My daughter's OH did the Dakhlar challenge back in March. He went
with his brother ( for his brother's 40th) in their 4x4 landrover called
 'Dora the explorer', pic below.They had to buy it very cheaply as part of the rules
then they stripped it and completely rebuilt it, amazing job they did too.
They went over the Atlas mountains, through the Sahara desert , through
to Morocco until they reached Dakhla where they auctioned their Landrover
for charity then flew home.A year of achievements then !

'Dora the explorer' ready for the Dakhla challenge in March

(in Scotland for those who don't know.)

My daughter , not me!!!!

                                          Wow all that snow !, she said it was very busy with
                                      hundreds climbing and everyone encouraging each other .

Hope you have enjoyed seeing all the pics.
ps. See new pics of my lovely grandsons too :)



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Vicky Hayes said...

It's madness of course but you must be a very proud mum Viv! Vicky x

sue - bearhouse said...

Gorgeous fabby photos Viv, thanks for sharing. And your Grandsons are just adorable
Hug Sue

sandy's crafty bits said...

wow super pics ... well done the climbers ... I would have loved the lunch lol ... just doing a bit of blog hopping ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

Valerie said...

OMG what a girl! You must have been a very young first time mum Viv:)
Love the new photos of the boys, Alex looks as if he is just about to get up and go and Charlie has the most mischievous face, makes me smile just looking at him!
Val x

Jackie said...

Oh wow, and they do say that "life begins at 40". What an achievement and lovely pics. Wonderful new pics of the grandbabies too :o)
Jackie xx

Beccy said...

Your daughter looks super happy Viv, what an awesome achievement! It looks freezing cold at the top of the mountain... I sure hope they had a nice hot drink to go along with their lunch.
Your gorgeous grandbabies look like they are growing up so fast. Charlie looks as though he knows exactly what the camera is all about too!

Glenda Atkins said...

Great pics of the trip, fabulous thing to do and she looks so happy to be doing it. The grandbabies are adorable!

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