Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Blueberry scones, compote & some yummy biscuits

Just made these scrummy blueberry scones and some blueberry compote
to go with them. Also more of the maple syrup, peanut and raisin biscuits
we both love so much....and my children lol ! I got the recipe from Pinterest
but I changed them a bit too. I bet you are all feeling hungry now so just help
yourself to a few :) I posted the recipe for the biscuits earlier I think, will post
the recipe for the scones if anyone wants but they are just scones made with cream
instead of milk and fresh blueberries. The compote was easy to make too, I made
it while the scones were cooking. Not tried the scones yet but they smell divine.
Having said that I just showed my son and he said I had better bring them with
 me when we see him  tomorrow lol. We will sneak a couple of scones for afternoon
tea today though with a nice cup of early grey tea.......shhhhhh don't tell !

ps. Excuse the tatty baking parchment I reuse it constantly when I make these biscuits,
& the scones were too delicate to move just then :)

                                                                            Viv xx


June Nelson said...

OOOh can I have one they sound scrummy and they look good too mmmmmm lovely xxxxxxx

Doreen said...

Fabulous Viv,I'm a pinterest fan myself.xxx

Vicky Hayes said...

Oh yum! If I wasn't feeling peckish before, I certainly am now! Vicky x

Faith A said...


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