Monday 13 February 2012


My lovely OH made this snowman
today. Hmmm............. me thinks he
has just too much time on his hands
these days ! It's our Anniversary today
too,( 41 yrs.) we don't do cards but he bought
me an enormous box of  Thorntons
chocolates yum yum !


Lynne said...

Brilliant!!! The snowman AND the chocs.
Our snow has almost disappeared now thank goodness.
Lynne xxx

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Aw! that's LOVE, the snowman is smiling AND you have a box of choccies.

WE haven't has snow, only cold, so glad too.

Wendy Fraser said...

Great snowman! Enjoy your chocs! xx

Sasha said...

Hi Viv,
Happy anniversary! Married in 1971, like us. We celebrate ours in August. Enjoy your chocolates x

Canonbury creations said...

Many congratulations Viv, that's a very artistic snowman! Enjoy your chocs and if your OH is anything like mine you may need to hide them!! Love the new photo of Charlie:)
Val x

Anonymous said...

Lol!! Happy anniversary Viv!

Rosemary said...

congrats on your anniversary, viv!! the snowman is pretty fab!!

Jackie said...

Belated Happy Anniversary Viv and Colin. Love the snowman but would rather have the Thornton's :o)
Jackie xx

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