Thursday 15 September 2011

Walk in the woods.

We went for a lovely walk in the nearby woods
again yesterday and we came accross this lovely
mushroom/toadstool. Last year I saw loads of them
 under some large trees.
It looked so magical with the sun coming through
the trees. I am hoping to get a nice photograph of
them this year but no sign as yet........but maybe
soon! Anyway here are a few pics if you are
interested. The walk ends ( for us anyway) at
that little bridge, the last pic is the view from the bridge.
It would be so much nicer if that branch wasn't there,
 then you could see all along the river.
ps. Couldn't resist adding a fairy !


pickle said...

It looks absolutely beautiful the fairy :)

Lynne said...

Looks like heaven to me. I bet the real fairies were hiding until you`d gone. Why else do we have toadstools?
Lynne xxx

Crafty Loops said...

Oh wow, how pretty. Lee x

Jackie said...

Beautiful photographs Viv, I always look out for red toadstools but never seen one yet. Love the added fairy, looks like she belongs there :o)
Jackie xx

Vicky Hayes said...

Such beautiful photos Viv! One mushroom looks like a table with the other pushed under like a chair - so I don't know what that naughty fairy's doing on there! Vx

Christine L said...

What lovely pics.. thanks for sharing them! I'm so glad you said you'd added the fairy.. I thought it was only me that could see it! Lol!
Christine x

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