Wednesday 10 August 2011

Few wedding pics!

It was a lovely day for the wedding, weather couldn't have been any better,
boiling hot as you can see from the lack of jackets!
Everything went as planned and the bride & groom looked gorgeous and very happy.
Here are a few pics.
No1 bride & groom
No2 me, bride& groom and hubbie
No 3 me and my lovely daughter
No 4 bride &  my daughter( can see her flowers here)
No 5 my youngest son & his lovely wife
No 6 the reception
No 7  the cake( I decorated and card I made &  cake server I put ribbons on & added a verse)
No 8 the hotel


Canonbury creations said...

Glad you had a lovely day Viv, it all looks wonderful. So colourful and beautiful flowers!
Val x

G Peplow said...

p.s fabulous cake and card, looks yummy, Gay xxx

G Peplow said...

I've lost my first comment sorry, I said fabulous photos and happy smiles, lovely colourful day. So glad you had a wonderful time, Gay xxx

Vicky Hayes said...

How gorgeous Viv! Looks like you had a wonderful day - fun and sunshine! Thank you for sharing these lovely pics of you and your family. Vx

Jackie said...

Beautiful photographs Viv, what a beautiful family you have :o)
Jackie xx

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos Viv! I had to back and read the post before this to check I hadn't got it wrong; you did say you were 60 soon?!!!! OMG, you look amazing and nowhere near 60! I'll have some of what you're on please!!!! xx

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

What a lovely day it looks and everyone so happy, thanks for sharing these

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