Wednesday 8 June 2011

Distress ink tutorial

As it seems a few of my fellow LIMettes want to know how I
acheived my distressed ink look on my cards here is a quick
tutorial.It's not MINE  btw I saw it somewhere on my blog hopping
travels, wish I had made a note now, but I hop so much!!!!
 Anyway I first dab a chosen distress ink a few times on a clear
stamping block. Then I spray that with water ( not left handed but
had to take a photo at the same time lol.). It seems to 'puddle ' up
when you do this, then I press the block onto a spare bit of card.
So nice to use up all those little bits card we all have left over too!
Then I either wait for that to dry...........or use my heat gun ( gun
mainly as I can't wait) ! Then I either use that piece as a matt on
a card or use my nesties to cut a square etc with it. Hope that explains
a little what I do, not rocket science is it....and it is hit and miss, sometimes
the result is great....sometimes it looks terrible it didn't look that great,
but just try again and keep your fingers crossed. Happy distressing!!!! :O)
Viv xx
ps. Now making a card with this to see what it looks like!....update....made a card
with it....see next post!

Sorry I keep trying to move the photo's around when  posting them but they still have a mind of their own!!!!!


PeeJay said...

I've tried this at workshops Viv, using acetate to work on though but result is the same. Also used 2 or 3 different colours/shades and that can look good as well.
Re photos - I find it's easiest just to centre them. I used to spend hours using html to move them around and position text. Now I go for the easy life and centre and put any text relating, above relevant photo.

Viv said...

Yes I plan to use several colours next:O) just made a card with it and am quite pleased with it although when I saw the above matt I almost binned it.......just goes to show lol!Thanks for the photo tip Pam, I think you are right not worth messing about with them is it :O) Viv xx

Suzi B said...

Thanks for the info Viv, I've just been having a play... I haven't achieved brilliant results but will keep playing :)
Sue x

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