Tuesday 10 May 2011

Ribbon flower tutorial

Just to let you know I will put a quick tutorial on later today
when I have a minute!Can't wait to make more of these now,
loving them :O) It is just made from a strip of ribbon btw!
Viv xx

Right here is my tutorial,......bear with me as it's my first !

This isn't my tutorial btw., I saw it somewhere  else on a blog.
Was surfing on my laptop and didn't make a note which one!!!
I have made a few changes to it also to do it my way here.

1. First cut about 15"( 38 cm)of satin ribbon. Then cut almost through
from side to side,about every 2 cms along the whole length.

Whole length of ribbon
with cuts.

Larger pic of right  hand side

Larger pic of left hand side

(Notice I make the cuts closer together as I get to the end. I think
that is better for the smaller petals which will go in the middle of
the flower.)
2. Next trim the corners of each top piece, doesn't have to be exact.


 3. Then with a heat gun gently heat the top part of the ribbon 'petals',
it's easier to hold the centre of them with tweezers or something similar.
You can tell when they have 'curled' enough by the shape at the top.

Notice I left the one at far right here( top pic) quite straight at the top........DON'T
lol it looks better curled!!!!! ...ahem wasn't a mistake, just to show
you what not to do :O)
4. When all the 'petals are curled,  punch or cut a circle from some spare
card. I used a circle punch and made a 1 1/2 "( 3 1/2 cm) circle. Then cover that with DS tape,
I used tiny glue dots on my first one as I was so eager to get it made.This is when it gets
very sticky!!!!! I also forgot I was using my best ribbon cutting scissors too ( agghhhhhhrrr).

5. Take the DS top layer off to expose the sticky part, then wind the ribbon 'petals'
around the outside of the circle...........gets a bit sticker here...be warned!The tiny bit
I left without DS is handy for holding btw.otherwise you get all stuck up.

6. Keep winding the ribbon round like this and try to
overlap the 'petals' a little so they look more natural.

7. Here is the second layer, I try to place the 'petals'
in between the first layer so they look more natural.

8. Here is the third layer..........almost done now!

9. Last layer in place, I try and twirl the centre with tweezers.
Then I stuck a pearl in the middle, could use flower soft or
stamens. I also trimmed the frayed bits which appear here
and there too. There you are a finished flower !!!!
 I decided to experiment with some colour and added a soft pink
to the edges and the middle................I am so full of ideas for these now
lol.....you can tell I am enthusiastic!! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial
and it will inspire you to have a go also:O)

Here is the flower again so
you can see what it looks like
on a card.

Viv xx

ps. Chrissie and Mandi .....don't look at the card,
I may want to post it at a later date as a LIM card lol :O)


Shaz said...

Thanks Viv, am waiting patiently, lol. The flower is gorgeous. xx

Ulina / Apricot Bubbles said...

I can hardly wait! :-) Thanks in advance!

val090 said...

Thanks Viv..........will keep looking back

Shaz said...

Thanks Viv, fab tutorial, will definately be having a go. All i need now is some wide ribbon now. xx

Ulina / Apricot Bubbles said...

THANKS A LOT for this tutorial! It looks so easy and the result is great!!
I´ve to try one as soon as possible :-)
Have a great day, Viv!
Hugs from Austria,
It´s such a pleasure to follow your blog!

Jackie said...

beautiful flower Viv, beautiful card too :o)
Jackie xx

Ruth said...

A fab flower and tutorial,,TFS

Chrissie said...

Brilliant Viv, I did have a look on You Tube to see how they were done, but they weren't as nice as yours!
I didn't look at the card, honest (Fingers crossed behind my back!)

Unknown said...

This is just fab Viv! Thank you so much for putting this tutorial up...I am definitely giving it a go very soon! :)
Lizy x

Canne said...

fab tutorial, will be giving this a try!

Vicky Hayes said...

Thank you for this Viv! I saw someone demo this once but she moved too fast for me and I got all confused! (doesn't take much!) Your tutorial is very clear and I love the card you made with your pretty flower. Vx

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