Wednesday 6 April 2011

Day at the beach!

Such a hot day today here ( 21c ish)! It's only April so most unusual, but very welcome.
After doing some jobs around the house we ( OH and myself) decided to have a picnic at our fav Norfolk beach.Here are some pics for you ! the beach was almost deserted.... as you can see. It is a beach of special scientific interest as many fossils have been found here.A whole skeleton of a wooly Mammoth in 1990, which we were lucky to be shown as it was still being sorted at the time. I found a bone from a (slender horse) in the cliffs a few years ago and donated it to the museum. I was told it was quite unusual being from a 'slender' horse and millions of years old..........I think it was millions ...anyway it was very old & strange looking in a picture I saw if it ! We also see lots of Paramoudra's which are circles of flint with chalk centres, it's believed some sort of sea creature/worm ? lived in these many many years ago.Hope you enjoy the photo's...can't add them all here so will put more on next page!


Canonbury creations said...

Great photos Viv, it was a brilliant day wasn't it? Let's hope it lasts for the weekend:)
Val x

Chris said...

More great piccies Viv bet it was lovely having the beach to yourselves Chris xx

Jackie said...

More beautiful photographs Viv, you caught the sky features so well :o)
Jackie xx

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